Booming Self-pour Fun in Casinos

How PourMyBeer Self-Pour Tech is Changing the Economics of Owning and Operating Casino

Curious to know how Caesars Entertainment Increases their Beverage Sales almost 50% And Decreases Waste 30%?

Linq Casino, Las Vegas

They installed PourMyBeer’s self-pour system at their Linq Casino. Not only it increases sales and decreases waste for the casino, but it also brings an element of fun as well as an engaging and unique experience to their customers. For Linq’s patrons, PourMyBeer offers simplicity and personalization that has been missing in the casino’s industry.

After presenting their valid ID and registering an RFID card, Linq’s customers have access to the tap wall which houses 20 beers to choose from. Thanks to PourMyBeer’s touchscreens, customers can learn about each beer available to make their selection more fun. When customers are ready to pour, they can simply grab a glass and get to pouring. 

They can sample anything they want by the ounce while having fun playing the role of bartender without ever having to wait for their next drink. Since customers are charged by the ounce, your casino will no longer waste money giving away free samples or spillage. Not to mention that the customers can take their time deciding on their drink.


With Self-Pour Taps, Your Casino:

Increases Sales by 45%

Decreases Overhead by 20%

Increases Profits by 50%

Reduces Waste to Less Than 1%

What Customers Say About PourMyBeer...

“When I did the comparison of what the profits would be as a self pour bar vs. a traditional craft beer bar the writing was on the wall — Self-Pour all the way. Our operational costs are half of what they’d be if we were a regular bar and Ed argue that our custormers have twice as much fun because they never have to wait.”

Roman, Owner of Tapster Wicker Park & Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL 


“We made a mistake and went with another vendor, but when that vendor dropped the ball, PourMyBeer was there to come to the rescue. We HAD to be opened 2 weeks from when we contacted them and they pulled off a Christmas Miracle in December. They’ve been awesome from the beginning.” 

Sam, Owner of Carolina Tap House in Asheboro, NC 


“I want to open up 20 more of these self pour tap rooms. We’ve only been open a few months with the PourMyBeer system, but it’s a triple win. Customers love coming here, employees love working here and when those two things are in line, I’m a happy owner. When you buy their system, you’re also buying the experience that comes with them doing 200+ installations. World class organization and product.” 

John, Owner of Auggies Draft Room in St. Augustine, FL 

“PourMyBeer has been awesome in every way you could imagine. Even before we were their customers, they helped us with the design, they saved us a bunch of money on the draft system and they were there to hand hold our team with everything. They aren’t a vendor, they’re a partner.”

Ed C., Owner of Midnight Pig Brewery & Taproom in Evanston, IL

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