Trigger Taps

What Are Trigger Taps?

Most bartenders pour hundreds of draft beers a day, and so they are familiar with finicky tap handles and know how to tilt the glass just right to get that perfect head. The typical patron has likely never used a draft system before, and unless they have bartending experience, may have never poured their own beer either.

Standard draft beer faucets can NOT be opened slowly. You have to pull the handle quickly and open it fully to get a good pour. If you don’t do this, you WILL have a glass full of foamy beer. Bartenders know to fully open the tap handle and tilt the glass, giving it the perfect stream of beer. Nevertheless, most of your customers don’t know this, this is where the trigger taps come to the play. Your customers can get a little helping hand by using “Trigger Taps,” also referred to as On/Off Taps or Pass/Fail Taps.

The purpose is to only allow a tap to be fully opened or fully closed, thereby reducing the possibility of a first-time self-pour customer accidentally pouring a glass full of foam. There’s a spring in the trigger tap that only allows the faucet to be 100% open or 100% closed.  This reduces the possibility of a self-pour first-timer to accidentally pour a glass full of foam.

Here is a link from our partner, Micro Matic, showing their version of this Tap Handle.

Below is a video to show you how the trigger taps work:

While these taps are certainly not a requirement, they will help out your customers and make them feel like they are professional bartenders.

How can you tell which taps are trigger taps?

Trigger Taps

Answer: You are going to see a little TT (circled in the image above) on the front!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about trigger taps, click below.  


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