Guide for Self-Serve Businesses

Tutorial of Self-Serve Tech for Operators

Tutorial of Self-Serve Tech for Operators

So you have this new, awesome pouring machine. Now, let us show you how to play with it and maximize your fun and profits! This video will take you through adding more to the pre-pay cards, reauthorizing a patron’s card once they reach the legal limit, differences between admin vs. staff cards, configuring values, selecting fill level style, and powering off the device.
Untappd Beer Change Tutorial
Keg Management
Background Image Change on our Screens
Using an RFID Wristband at a Self-Pour Establishment
What To Do With New RFID Cards
How to Change Your Fill Level Color
Tap Compensation Feature
How Does our Toast POS Integration Work?
How to Install our Screens
How To Calibrate Your System
How To Reactivate a Customer Card
Add & Change TTG Background Images
Auggie's Draft Room: Strategy for Reopening a Business in the Post Pandemic World
Opening a Tab in Toast POS Integrated with us
Calibrating Your Self-Pour System
Cooler Walkthrough at RegionAle
Employee Script for Self-Pour Restaurants
Get the Perfect Pour With Trigger Taps
Self-Pour University
Self-Pour University: Undergraduate Degree
Self-Pour University: Master's Degree
How To Set Up Keg Level Alert Notifications
Verify Customer Age by Scanning Driver's Licenses
How To Finance Your Bar or Restaurant with the Owner of Tapster
Staff's Perspective on How the Toast POS Integration Works
How To Install a Commercial Self-Serve Beverage Dispensing Wall
Greeley Pizza Co. Operators Talk Self-Pour Beer Wall Technology Innovation
Importance of Existing Foot Traffic for Bar & Restaurant Profit Growth
An Operator’s Experience With Our self-pour tech
How To Obtain Licenses and Permits
Self-Serve Drinks are Transforming the Hospitality Industry

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