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During our webinar, How to Take Your Beverage Sales to the Next Level, we received several questions about Untappd for Business and general menu improvements. We have included all the questions and answers from the live event below. We are working on the recording and will be releasing that soon!

Below, you’ll find the answers to all of your questions so you can take your beverage sales to the next level!

Tessa Young- Untappd VP of Inside Sales

tessa Young

VP of Inside Sales at Untappd

Untappd’s mission is to advance the global beverage industry through innovative technology. Tessa has led the sales team since May of 2016. She carries out this mission by growing sales reps & managers that are thoughtful, intentional, and absolute rockstars at challenging & changing the way people do business.

Austin Capps- Untappd Webinar speaker

Austin Capps

Sales Manager at Untappd

Austin has been with Untappd for Business since 2018, first as an SDR, then an Account Executive, and now in Management. He has worked with thousands of businesses to help them grow, save time, and engage with their customer base through our unique technology. As an Inside Sales Manager, he leads a team of amazing salespeople as they learn the needs of the hospitality industry and show how they can help meet those needs.

We have over 18,000 businesses using Untappd for Business worldwide!

The digital menus are forever customizable. You can change everything from the information about the beer you have displayed to the color scheme and background image. You can even add your logo. You can use scrolling image ad slides to advertise items other than beer. Whatever you want to do to fit your business’ brand or theme is possible with Untappd’s digital menus.

Untappd the user app only has beer on it. 

Untappd for Business allows you to create custom menus where you can add wine, cocktails, and food. We have partners that use our menus for merchandise. Those menus (non-beer menus) can update to your website, social media, print menus, and digital menus. They will update everywhere aside from in the Untappd user app as that is strictly dedicated to beer. 

You can purchase it through our sales team.

Here is a link that allows you to put time on our calendar to answer any further questions about your area, business, and how it would work for you. 

The sales team will get you signed up, and we’ll help you get your account started!

There are a couple of different ways to do this, but the main way is to keep your beer menu updated. You can promote that you’re a verified venue in-house. Untappd will send you a “swag kit,” so you can put branded stickers up or use coasters and table tents that will show your customers you’re using Untappd for Business. If they’re using Untappd, they can go right to your verified venue page and subscribe to your business there. 

If they don’t know what Untappd is but want to keep up with your menu, you can tell them to download it.

We have two options for subscription, we have an annual subscription, and then we have a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is no contract, so you can do whatever works best for your budget and business plan. It is not based on venue size, so everyone has access to the same pricing. Another cool part of it is that because you have access to the same pricing, you have access to the same features, so if you are a small brewery in the Midwest, you will have access to all the features that a large brewery on the West Coast would have. We do not have tiered packages for our features so your subscription gives you access to absolutely everything.

It is separate. We do offer PourMyBeer customers $100 off their annual subscription to Untappd for Business because of our longstanding partnership and how well our products work together. PourMyBeer does such a good job encouraging the ease of use for Untappd for Business. We are happy to offer that discount to PourMyBeer partners. 


We get that a lot. I think you will see many cool new things in 2022 that expand the ability to do a lot on Untappd for Business. Definitely not something that I can speak to directly, but a common question, and we are aware that it is a common question.

The main functionality as far as determining what your QR does is choosing whether it goes to your Untappd for Business verified venue page or to a custom menu and then what that menu is and entails. You can change different things on your actual QR code, like what the writeup says underneath or anything along those lines. But that’s pretty much what the customization entails with the QR codes.


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