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QUestions & Answers from the live event

During the webinar, we received several questions from the audience. While we didn’t get to ask every question during the virtual event, we followed up with The Restaurant Boss and PourMyBeer to get your questions answered! 

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These will vary depending on how many units you currently operate, their volume, complexity, and other factors. Basically, as a multi-unit operator, your job is two-fold. In no particular order, first, you need to continue to develop the big ideas, the processes, the procedures, the direction for the company, and the efficiencies that will allow you to remain profitable. Second, make sure that your team members stay on top of their tasks. All the while, you are coaching, developing, mentoring, and building a solid culture.

There are too many POS systems on the market to stay on top of all of them, and it would be unfair to recommend one without knowing your unique needs. The two things I tell all operators looking for a new POS is to consider EXACTLY what you need, NOT what they offer, and then consider CC processing. A system should be relatively inexpensive on the front end but then take a larger piece of processing on the back end, OR a system should be relatively expensive on the front end but then allow you to process with whomever you wish. Be wary of a system that is expensive and locks you into processing.

Develop your online ordering systems so you don’t need DoorDash or have to pay their massive fees. There are ways to use DoorDash and other third-party delivery systems to do the delivery itself for you – if you create the order and send it to them, it’s a much smaller fee. 

Developing your delivery method is probably more of a challenge. I work with many clients that do their online ordering, and we use delivery through DoorDash because delivery is a big challenge that they are more equipped for. 

If it’s only one minute away, I would say get a three-wheeled bike and do it yourself. Put some great branded marketing on it, get some fun hats to wear, and have fun with it! And if it’s a block away, just hire someone to drive the food. The fees you’re going to pay for a third-party service to come into your restaurant and take it across the street is a monster.

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You can get your PourMyBeer wall quote by filling out this form. After that, our team will get the ball rolling for you and make sure you are all set for success! We are known to make miracles happen and turn a wall around in a few days, but typically we suggest 12 weeks so all the appropriate planning can take place and the project goes as smooth as possible. You will need some time to decide on your design and the material that will be used for the wall and time to secure your walk-in cooler. Depending on the size of your wall, the installation can take anywhere between 1 to 3 full days. We suggest accounting for about an hour per tap of actual installation time when our crew is on-site. We send out a checklist of all the items we require before we get on-site to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. If you want to see what the installation of our beverage wall looks like, you can watch any of these videos here

A great place for you to begin will be our Self-Pour University, where we piled up helpful resources to get you from start to finish. Start with the Bachelor’s Degree, which is all about the planning stage. Here you will learn everything from putting your business plan together and securing financing to choosing the right location.

As for the benefits of PourMyBeer technology, you will eliminate product waste from around 20% (industry standard with traditional bar setup) to below 3% with a self-pour setup. You will also increase beverage sales by 45% by allowing customers to pour as little or as much as they want, whenever they want. Finally, you will also dramatically reduce your staffing needs. We have seen many operators need only about half of the staff they would normally need if they had a traditional bar setup. You can read some great case studies here.

The sweet spot for a PourMyBeer setup is 30 taps or higher. By offering a wide variety of beverages on your self-pour taps, you’ll ensure that the self-pour wall is a prominent feature of your establishment. For our US market, having 8 self-pour beers and 2 wines on tap is unfortunately not enough, as the market here likes to have plenty of options to explore, especially since self-pour technology gives them the ability to try by the ounce. Depending on the size of your business, you can have even more taps. The most successful have between 40-80 taps. Many of these locations have their walls split up into two or even three separate walls depending on their establishment. We highly recommend visiting some of our locations in person to get more inspiration. A very important thing to do is to name your beverage sections if you are planning to do wine, cocktails, and beers. You can find more important do’s and don’ts when setting up your beverage wall here.

We’re pumped to hear that you want to join the self-pour revolution! We have the perfect place for you to start. We have created our Self-Pour University to help you learn how to get from start to finish in your self-pour journey. We broke it down into 3 separate sections: the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and the P.h.D. Here, you can learn all about how to put a business plan together, scout for your location, which permits and licenses you will need, etc. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us at cheers@pourmybeer.com!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us below!

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