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QUestions & Answers from the live event

During the webinar, we received several questions from the audience. While we didn’t get to ask every question during the virtual event, we followed up with our guest speakers from The Golden Mill, Stanley Beer Hall, and our PourMyBeer team members to get your questions answered! 

Guest Speaker Questions

That’s an easy one, Margaritas. We have tried different ones. We’ve done Bloody Marys during the fall football season. We have definitely been testing different things out and have seen tons of success with them. We do a lot of seasonal cocktails. Right now, for summer, we have a Blackberry Smash on tap. We do have a non-alcoholic beer on tap called Groovy from a local brewery, which has been a huge success. It’s actually one of our permanent taps, and we don’t have many, so that’s a big deal. We also have non-alcoholic kombucha on tap as well.

Margaritas, it has been since day 1. It’s a big seller, one of our permanent taps. We always have glasses with pre-salted rims ready to go by the ice machine. We have 9 wines and 4 cocktail taps, and we are going to add more. We are going to make Blood Marys one of our permanent taps, which we have done for years. We also have some non-alcoholic beer and kombucha. We have sparkling wine on the weekends for Mimosas or Bellinis. With our Bloody Mary, we have a “Bloody Mary Meal” that comes with bacon, celery, a spicy chicken finger, and stuff like that to go with it.

One thing that I think is great is the screens are a great marketing tool. We can set up the background image to match the holiday or a sports team logo during the game season to remind people that there’s a big game and that they should stay and watch. If you have an upcoming event, you can highlight that. It really is a great marketing tool!

On the screens, my favorite feature is the ability to set the kegs levels. You don’t have to run to the back office. Everything is very simple. I love the way the screens are laid out intuitively.

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Yes, there is. To comply with most or all state liquor laws, the system limits each quest to two servings at a time. This prompts a human interaction with the staff member to get eyes on the guest to ensure they are okay to pour more. If they are, the staff can reactivate the RFID card, so that they can have two more servings. Our system is the only system to do it by servings rather than by ounces. If you have a low ABV beverage on tap #1, you can make that beverage’s serving size 16 oz. Then, on tap #2, you have a wine, and you can make that serving size 6 oz. Our system fractionally calculates that, and it knows when a customer gets to two official liquor board servings. Then it triggers that responsibility limit where the customers gets a message on the screen that says “See a friendly staff member”, and then a staff member with a staff card can reactivate that card, and any screen on the wall or at the back of the check-in station.

At PourMyBeer, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable and well-engineered system on the market. We don’t have tablets, we have industrial-grade purpose-built screens built for this specific purpose, and that’s how all of our equipment was designed. We pride ourselves in saying that we are the only system on the market that has never been replaced. We have also had about 20 customers come from competitors and replace their system with ours because of all the problems they experienced from their previous provider. Reliability and engineering are really what set us apart. In addition to that, we have an amazing support team that is there around the clock for our operators.

If you have staff serving guests, you can offer your full cocktail menu on the PourMyCocktail machine. It can be programmed to make dozens of cocktails that your staff can quickly get to guests.

For a venue such as a casino or other high-volume location, having the cocktail machine for staff to use to get cocktails quickly to guests, in addition to the tap wall where guests can serve themselves, will greatly alleviate issues resulting from being short-staffed and thus increase sales and revenue (no bartenders required).

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