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If you missed our webinar, How to Execute Different Drinks on Tap, or would like to watch it again, you can download the full recording below!

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll hear from 2 experienced and successful operators. Both operators discuss their experiences with profitably executing different drinks on tap. They’ll provide helpful tips and tricks that you will be able to implement when offering different drinks on tap in your establishment.

You'll Learn How to Execute...

PourMyBeer self-pour cocktails


PourMyBeer self-pour wine


PourMyBeer self-pour cold brew

Kombucha, Cold Brew, Etc.

Webinar Speakers

Webinar Speakers

Jim Wright Headshot

Jim Wright

Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall, The Golden Mill, Broadway Market, and Malcolm Yards

Jim has been in the Food & Beverage industry for 25 years, allowing him to gain invaluable experience in the field. He’s worked at a variety of venues where he has helped set up operations and style venues. He came to Stanley Beer Hall to change over the style of service due to the difficulties they were having with their traditional dispense method. Stanley Beer Hall now has 2 self-pour beverage walls, one inside and one outside. Eventually, Stanley Beer Hall evolved into a greater collection of locations – The Golden Mill, Malcolm Yards, and Broadway Market. Jim’s expertise and advice are so well regarded among the community that even one of our other PourMyBeer customers is taking his lead and offering margaritas on tap (one of his best-sellers!).

Matt DiMare Headshot

Matt DiMare

Bar Manager and Beverage Director at 2 Tapster Locations and Walden Events 

Matt, a Chicago native, grew up in an Italian household, which led him to develop a passion for food and wine. His interest in cooking and being in a kitchen eventually turned from taking the same concepts of blending flavors in a pot or a pan to doing it in a shaker or glass. He’s worked at various bars in Chicago from swanky cocktail lounges to sticky dive bars, craft breweries, and everything in between. Matt used the same techniques he learned behind the bar to develop and manage the largest draft cocktail program in the city (possibly the country) at Tapster. He also works as the beverage director and bar manager for a 250 person event space and venue that focuses on an elevated bar experience featuring draft wine, beer, and cocktails.

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