Self-Pour Beer Walls

What would your ideal restaurant employee look like?

  • Brings customers through the doors night after night.
  • Serves multiple customers at one time.
  • Manages thousands of transactions a night and never loses a sale.
  • Does not give away free drinks.
  • Responsible for 100% profit from every keg you sell.
  • Gives you reports on every customer and their drinking habits.
  • Allows you to use those reports to action loyalty and traffic driving programs.
  • They’re fun!

You’ve almost certainly heard the saying that the customer is always right. When you have a mobile beer wall or built-in beer wall, there’s no argument, because it’s the customers who are serving themselves. Since they choose and pour their own beer, they’re sure to be happy with how the transaction turns out. Also, since you’re keeping 100 percent of the profits from every beer you sell out of your mobile or built-in beer wall, you’re sure to be happy, too!

Meet the PourMyBeer Beer Wall, your "ideal employee!"

Customer Experience

  1. After presenting their driver’s license (age verification), the customers are given an RFID card tied to their credit card or they can prepay it for the desired amount
  2. They pour beer (or other beverages) at the PourMyBeer Wall as they please
  3. They are limited to 2 full beers at a time and are re-upped by staff when they need more
  4. At the end of the night, the customers return the RFID card and pay their tab
  5. They get a detailed receipt of what they poured

The beer wall allows your customers to do just about everything your bartenders do when it comes to serving beer, but you don’t have to pay them to do it. About the only thing the beer wall can’t do is listen to your customers’ problems. Well, it can listen, but it can’t give advice! In any case, the beer wall actually allows your staff to have more time to engage with your customers if you want to deliver the best customer service and boost your public perception.

Your customers will love it! But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what patrons of our customers are saying. The ability to try everything by the ounce, no tipping required, no waving arms hopelessly trying to get a bartender’s attention – customers can just buy their beers and get back to having a good time. These are just some of the benefits the beverage walls offer to the consumers. However, self-pour technology brings many benefits to the operators, too.

Owner/Operator Benefits

No wait for beer

Better service efficiency over a traditional dispense method

Increased Profits

Customers waiting to be seated? Let them grab a beer & keep them in-house and happy!

No waste

No free sample, no spillage


Stand out in the crowded market space!

Reliable Support

Software updates and 24/7 support

Decreased labor Needs

Lower cost for operations

Benefits of self-pour tech
Why PourMyBeer

For more information, download our guide below to learn about some basic “Do’s” and “Do Not’s” when adding a self-pour technology to your establishment.

Self-Pour Operations “Do’s” and “Do Not’s”

What you get with your self-pour beer Wall 

Built-In Or Mobile beverage Wall

  • Management Work Station – (Touchscreen system) –Check your customers in by swiping their driver’s license and credit cards
  • Onsite Database – Houses all of your consumption data and reports to our cloud database to ensure your data is backed up
  • Thermal Printer – To give you & your customers detailed transaction receipts
  • Flow Control & Metering Technology for each line
  • RFID Cards – customizable
  • RFID receptors for each tap
  • Screens – depending on your choice, these can display 1 – 4 products per screen – they will show beer brands, flavor notes, styles, ABV and pour volumes

Beer Wall

For some flexibility with location of your self-pour beer system, choose the mobile beer wall:

  • State of the art, fully functional, self-contained beer system on wheels with up to 6 taps
  • 6 taps mobile unit with RFID card readers, keg couplers, flow control and and gas regulator
  • Touch Screens to display customer’s name and pouring data 

Beer Wall

If you’re ready for a customizable beer wall that’s built securely into your bar, the built-in beer wall is for you:

  • The sky’s the limit! You can choose anywhere from 1 to 200 screens for your self-pour beer wall built-in at your location
  • Our project managers will work directly with your team to help make whatever you envision become a reality

The Impact of a PourMyBeer Beer Wall

Beer walls are the cutting-edge innovation of the beer dispensing industry. Whether you select a Mobile or Built-In Beer Wall, you can be sure that your customers will have a unique and memorable bar experience. By eliminating the all-too-common lengthy wait for beer in a crowded bar setting, your sales will soar as your customers serve themselves!

The PourMyBeer Beer Walls make it easy for customers to enjoy a beer in just four easy steps:

  1. Load up their RFID card
  2. Place it in the appropriate slot
  3. Fill a glass with their desired beer of choice
  4. Enjoy a delicious beer!

The self-pour feature makes for an exciting and liberating experience for all, while driving sales and new customers in the door to your business. Customers can even sample new beers as they wish, while the beer wall tracks all beer poured and charges accordingly. No more throwing money away through free samples or drinks spilled by your bartenders!

An investment in a PourMyBeer Beer Wall is a lucrative decision. Our beer walls provide owners with a quick return on investment that quickly transcends into raw profits.

 As the customers come to your establishment to check out the new beer dispensing equipment, they may feel inclined to post pictures and write about their unique bar experiences on Facebook, Twitter and more.

The installation of a beer wall at your bar can also mean an increase in social media returns as well. The unique equipment creates a great opportunity to craft exciting posts that promote your venue.

All PourMyBeer walls come with access to round-the-clock support. Owners can feel at ease knowing our technical support team is ready to help should an issue ever arise. 

Self-pour is an excellent addition to a variety of venue types; including hotels, cruise lines, casinos, stadiums, restaurants, bars and more. It’s more than just a way to increase drink sales, beverage walls are conversation starters. Keep customers in your venue longer as they pour themselves a drink from one of the variety of beers on tap. Reap the benefits of increased customers and sales as you stand out from the crowd with your own self-pour setup!

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