Self-Pour In Restaurants

Self-Serve Technology In Restaurants

From family restaurants to bars, a self-pour tap wall brings unprecedented new beverage opportunities and flexibility to your establishment. Your patrons can help themselves to their favorite beers, wines, and cocktails between bites and refill their cups when they run out. With our self-serve technology, they pay for every ounce they sample or pour — so your customers stay satisfied, your staff can focus on exceptional customer service, and you always keep 100% of the profits.

Customer's Experience with Self-pour

Once You Go Self-Pour, You Never Go Back

Every owner of an establishment that sells drinks would love to sell more. But a common struggle with increasing beverage sales is the simple fact that you can only sell so much at a time. With a few staff members working as servers or bartenders, it’s inevitable that there will be customers who want a drink but have to wait. Not only does this negatively affect their experience, it also means you are losing out on more potential revenue from each customer left waiting. At peak times, that can translate to a LOT of opportunity cost.

As the leader in self-pour technology, PourMyBeer can be precisely the solution to that problem.

Thanks to self-pour, your customers can purchase more easily and frequently, while your staff focuses on keeping your place running smoothly and have time to engage with your guests in a meaningful way. 

And all types of restaurants have been reaping these benefits, from casual eateries…

& pizzerias…

…to bars, wineries, and taprooms!

Benefits Too Good to Ignore

Benefits of having self-serve beer wall

As a restaurant owner, you’re going to see a lot of benefits with a self-pour setup:

  • Reduced Cost: With self-pour, less staff is needed, which saves on wage expenditure. Also, because every ounce is accounted for and charged for, profit loss due to accidents with service or inconsistent pours.
  • Service Efficiency: Self-pour ensures that everyone is served their drinks precisely when they want them, so no one is left waiting for a drink. Fewer staff responsibilities also mean that your existing staff can focus on keeping your restaurant running smoothly and making customers feel welcome.
  • Waste Reduction: Because self-pour charges for every ounce, customers are much less likely to waste anything they pour. No free samples are necessary anymore, tabs will never be left unpaid, and the POS is entirely automated so human error is impossible.
  • Consistent and Quality Taste: Kegging your drinks ensures that they are kept vacuum sealed and cooled, meaning that your wines, beers, cocktails, and more will stay consistently fresh even weeks after it’s opened.

Hear what these 3 operators have to say about the benefits self-pour brings to their establishments below!

Ryan Cavanaugh Headshot

One of the reasons why we love having our self-pour system is that we have customers telling us they can’t go anywhere else because they are too spoiled by Brew Bank’s beverage wall options and our self-pour setup allowing them to taste everything by the ounce. This is something they can’t get anywhere else around our town and makes us stand out among others.

Ryan Cavanaugh

Co-Owner of Brew Bank

Jim Wright Headshot

The addition of self-pour technology saved our business. Our location had a VERY short window to capture sales each evening. The neighborhood where we operate is very family-oriented and therefore parents had a limited time to enjoy a restaurant experience. Our guests can now enter and have their first beverage in their hands within a couple of minutes. With time to have a second cocktail versus one and done, our sales have increased dramatically just due to this one aspect although there are many additional benefits to the addition of the PourMyBeer self-tap system.

Jim Wright

Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall

Matthew Strickland Gourmeltz

The PourMyBeer system is excellent! It literally pours a perfect beer every time. I have it in my restaurant, Gourmeltz, and it’ll be a staple in every one of our restaurants. If you ever have a question about the system, the staff is always a phone call away, and very helpful. Even on a Saturday evening!

Matthew & Maria Strickland

Owners of Gourmeltz

However, self-pour does not only bring benefits to the restaurant owners, but also to patrons, who will love the quickness and fun of self-pour!

  • More Convenient: When we say “stop waiting, start pouring,” we’re not kidding. Customers no longer have to wait to be served by a bartender or waiter; instead, they become their own servers and pour drinks whenever they want to!
  • Cost Efficiency: The pay-by-ounce model allows customers to drink by less than an entire glass at a time; this means that they can try many different drinks and get more variety for the same price as a more restrictive structure with traditional bar dispensing.
  • Cold and Consistent: Kegging drinks also benefits the customers, not just the owners; drinks are kept in kegs and served via self-pour taps that are kept nice and cold for an extended time. Every single time someone pours, they get a fresh and cold drink
blast and brew phoenix pouring
  • Sampling is Easy: Another benefit of the pay-by-ounce model is that it is very easy to drink as many samples in whatever quantities as desired by the customer, taking only an ounce or two to taste. This allows customers to try several different drinks without paying for a full glass.
  • Fun: More than anything else, self-pour is a lot of fun! The concept is novel and unique, and it encourages a lot more interaction between patrons. Customers often discuss their favorite drinks with each other and post pictures on their social media, adding a fun and social element to the whole experience.

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