Self-Pour on Cruise Ships

Self-Pour Sets Sail

When passengers are on a cruise, convenience and quality are extremely important to all facets of the experience. You want to make them feel like they are free to do what they want, when they want, and ideally, in a fun and luxurious style, too! So, when a passenger goes to the bar for a fun night with friends or family, and then has to wait endlessly to get a drink, it can put a serious wrench in the overall experience.

That’s why a self-pour beverage wall can be exactly what a cruise ship needs. Using a self-pour setup instead of a traditional bar setup will make passengers’ night experiences aboard your cruises absolutely perfect, and will certainly keep them coming back for more.

Check out the video below to see how it all works!

Drink with Ease, Overseas

Beverage sales typically account for a good portion of revenue generation for cruise ships. But a common struggle with optimizing beverage sales is the fact that with complete reliance on individual staff members for serving drinks, not every order being made can be filled immediately. This can harm the customer experience, as they are left waiting for service, and can lead to loss of revenue through opportunity cost; especially if a customer gets tired of waiting and gives up entirely. 

As the leader in self-pour technology, PourMyBeer can be precisely the solution to that problem. With self-pour, customers become their own bartenders, paying the same amount, but serving themselves exactly when they want to and having fun while doing so!

Thanks to self-pour, your guests can purchase more easily and frequently, while your staff focuses on keeping your place running smoothly and have time to engage with your guests in a meaningful way.

We already have some cruise lines that are seeing PourMyBeer benefits firsthand! For example, MSC cruises understand the benefits of self-pour and the fun element it brings to its passengers, as you can see in the video above! 

If you want a refresher on how PourMyBeer can improve beverage sales, check out this video:

Benefits Too Good to Ignore

On the vendor side of cruise ship drink service, there are a lot of benefits with a self-pour setup:

  • Reduced Cost: Self-pour greatly reduces staffing needs, which in turn reduces wage expenditure. The pay-by-ounce self-pour model also reduces profit loss due to spillage and inconsistent pouring. 

  • Service Efficiency: With the passengers pouring for themselves, everyone gets their drinks right when they want them, and no one is left waiting. Reduced staff needs also means that your existing staff can focus on keeping things running smoothly and making passengers feel welcome. 

  • Waste Reduction: Because they are being charged per ounce, guests are much less likely to waste anything they pour. Free samples are not necessary anymore, tabs will never be left unpaid, and the POS is entirely automated so human error is impossible.

  • Consistent and Quality Taste: Kegging drinks ensures that they are kept vacuum sealed and cooled, meaning that wines, beers, cocktails, and more will stay fresh for a long time after they are opened. 

  • Easier Inventory: Speaking of kegs, another benefit is the elimination of bottles. No more cleaning up hundreds of bottles at the end of the night, and inventory will consist of only a few kegs at a time.

In addition to helping staff with service efficiency and waste, self-pour enhances the drink experience for guests aboard cruises ass well:

  • More Convenient: Customers no longer have to wait to be served by a bartender or waiter; instead, they become their own servers and pour drinks whenever they want to!

  • Cost Efficiency: The pay-by-ounce model allows customers to drink by less than an entire glass at a time; this means that they can try many different drinks and get more variety for the same price as a more restrictive structure with traditional bar dispensing.

  • Cold and Consistent: Kegging drinks benefit customers as well as owners; drinks are kept in kegs and served via self-pour taps that are kept nice and cold for an extended time. Every single time someone pours, they get a fresh and cold drink.

  • Sampling is Easy: Another benefit of the pay-by-ounce model is that it is very easy to drink as many samples they want in small quantities, taking only an ounce or two to taste; this allows customers or to try several different drinks without paying for a full glass.

  • Fun: More than anything else, self-pour is a lot of fun! The concept is novel and unique, and it encourages a lot more interaction between patrons. Customers often discuss their favorite drinks with each other and post pictures on their social media, adding a fun and social element to the whole experience.

Still not convinced? Check out some of our case studies here.

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