Self-pour steps up to the plate in stadiums

Self-Pour in Stadiums

At this point, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of self-pour technology in bars and restaurants, therefore, you can see why self-pour beverage walls in stadiums are bound to attract fans while boosting beverage sales for owners.

Self-pour technology is the future of modern and efficient beverage dispensing. The PourMyBeer system does not only significantly increase the number of customers that can be served at the same time, but also brings more traffic as the customers can rely on the beverage of their choice in a timely fashion without having to lose any minute of their favorite game, show or a concert. 

Below you can read about the main reasons why you should invest in a self-pour beverage station at your stadium. Fans will love it, and you’ll reap the benefits!

Reduce Wait Time

A key element of the self-pour tap system for stadiums is the increased efficiency, which leads to reduced wait times for your visitors. Whether it is a self-serve beverage mobile unit or a fixed self-pour wall that dispenses beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks, this revolutionary system is undoubtedly going to help reduce wait time in the concessions area.

Sports-goers or concert attendees will no longer need to miss any important moment just to get themselves a cold beverage or another round. They can simply serve themselves whenever is convenient for them.

One of the worst parts of going to a sports or music event is waiting in a long line for a simple order. This can all be eliminated by the PourMyBeer system, which makes it possible for multiple customers to help themselves simultaneously when they want another drink. When you reduce time in the concession lines, people can get more of what they pay for, improving their opinion of your venue and ensuring they’ll choose to come back to you over other locations.


The convenience of self-pour technology in stadiums is unbeatable for sports fans. Oftentimes, patrons are limited to one or two beers at a time and will have to constantly get up and wait in line if they want another beverage. This can get tiring and of course, cause them to miss parts of the game or show. With a self-serve system, spectators can get two drinks at once so they do not have to get up again when they finish their first beer, and if they have gone through both, the process of getting another is simple, and quick. It just takes checking in with a self-pour ambassador, or an employee to reactivate their RFID card, and they are ready to go! 

Furthermore, if you add self-pour beer dispensers for your VIPs in stadium suites, you can bet they’ll return season after season since they can enjoy all their favorite beverages without ever leaving their designated space or waiting for service to come to them. 

PourMyBeer Tip: Have multiple self-pour ambassadors to show patrons how to use the wall and also to reload their RFID cards. You will want to make that process as simple and fast as possible so that customers do not need to wait in lines to get their cards reauthorized once when they hit the legal limit (this depends on your country and state). 

Less Crowding

Long lines at sporting games or musical shows are often what keeps patrons from ordering beverages at the food and drink areas. By implementing a self-pour system within your stadium, lines for food become shorter, and more bearable to wait in since those that simply want a beverage will not need to be waiting in the same line. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to avoid crowds, and PourMyBeer technology allows for just that. A self-pour beverage wall allows multiple people to access taps at the same time, freeing up space within the stadium, and reducing crowding. 

Sell More Beverages

With reduced wait times and increased convenience for event-goers, self-pour tech will allow stadiums to sell more beverages, benefitting the stadium owners and their partners. Since patrons are no longer being deterred from visiting the concession stand due to long lines, even more beverages will be sold than before.

The opportunity to pour by the ounce will also attract visitors as they can decide how much they want to pour and decide whether they like a particular beverage before pouring a whole glass. When every ounce is accounted for, each pour will be consistent and kept track of. 


COVA Brewing Company self-pour beverage wall

Whatever sport or team, fans all over the globe cherish their memories at the games they attend. Self-pour technology is definitely something that can make your stadium stand out amongst the rest and give the visitors an extra reason to want to return. It adds an element of novelty and is sure to leave a lasting impression on sports fans or any event attendee. You can even offer a branded growler for fans to use at future games and to further boost your sales. Many fans would love to keep this branded glassware as a souvenir as numerous visitors buy merchandise at stadiums to remember their time watching their favorite team or to commemorate their visit to a new city, so why not add a branded growler to the mix? It’s both a novelty and practical!


With a self-pour beverage station, there will be significantly fewer cans and beer bottles being thrown out, which makes it much easier for your operations and managing inventory. Typically when ordering a beer, cider or seltzer at a sporting event, the beverage is served in its original can or bottle. A self-pour beverage wall eliminates the wide use of these disposables, which more often than not, aren’t properly recycled and end up in landfills. This concept appeals to those with an environmentally-friendly mindset, especially when given the option to use reusable cups or growlers they can fill up time after time. 

Less Waste

No more inconsistent pours or spillages being unaccounted for. PourMyBeer’s technology keeps track of every ounce poured, therefore eliminating nearly all waste. This is especially because patrons can choose how much they want to drink or sample. They have the ability to pour however many ounces they want before deciding which beer they like before committing to a full glass. This will save stadium owners money since their product isn’t being wasted if a customer doesn’t like it. Also, patrons will no longer have to commit to a $12 beer if they end up not liking it. It is a win-win situation for both sides! 

Fewer Human Errors

When a fan is in a rush to buy a drink and get back to the action, they may not take a sip of their beer until they’ve returned to their seat. Can you imagine going through a long line and settling back in your seat only to discover that the bartender served you the wrong drink? Fans are then left with the challenging choice of going back for a new drink and missing more of the event or wasting their money on something they may not like.

Even if they eventually get the drink they wanted, that customer will certainly think twice before returning to the same place for another drink — if they go back at all. Perhaps instead, they’ll go to a different bar after the event or simply go without the nice, cold drink that would make their experience that much better. Between repouring corrected drinks and missing out on repeat sales, human error can account for a huge percentage of missed sales.

With automated beer dispensers for sports events, you can eliminate the chances of your bartenders mishearing or mispouring. Your patrons can be more satisfied by serving themselves while your team focuses on other tasks, like keeping the area clean and helping answer customers’ questions.

Lower Labor Costs

Another way arena self-pour technology can boost your bottom line is by reducing your labor costs. When your staff doesn’t need to pour hundreds of orders, you can have fewer people working at the bar. Instead of having five or 10 bartenders trying to keep up with service, you can have three to help people check in for self-pour and assist them in working the system if necessary.

You could also use your newfound manpower to target other concerns. For example, maybe you’re missing out on appealing to a certain demographic that thinks your stadium could be cleaner. Now that you’ve freed up hands with the PourMyBeer system, you can focus your efforts on keeping food areas, seating, and bathrooms clean without spending more money to do so.

If you have any questions about the benefits of self-pour technology or setting up a beverage wall or unit in your stadium, you can contact us at or (312) 416-9989

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