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Looking to hear from operators and learn how you can make your self-pour establishment as successful as possible? Well, look no further! Below, you’ll find 11 Fireside Chats with experienced PourMyBeer family members. 

So… grab your favorite self-pour beverage and get ready to listen and learn. Cheers!

  • 40 Taps, Community-Based Brewery

  • 68 Taps, Taproom 

  • 37 Taps, Fast-Casual & Family-Friendly Restaurant

  • 24 Taps, Fast-Casual & Touristy Restaurant

  • 26 Taps, Brewpub

  • 32 Taps, Restaurant & Taproom

    • 38 Taps, Restaurant & Taproom

  • Chief Customer Officer, Bloomin’ Brands

    • 20 Taps, Restaurant & Taproom

    • 40 Taps, Restaurant & Taproom

    • 30 Taps, Food Hall

District Brew Yards

Chicago, IL

40 Taps

20 Screens



Chicago, IL

68 Taps

22 Screens

Beers, Cocktails, Kombucha, and More!

Stanley Beer Hall

Aurora, CO

37 Taps

37 Screens

Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Kombucha, and More!

Auggie's Draft Room

St. Augustine, FL

24 Taps

12 Screens

Beer & Cider

Union 32 Craft House

Minneapolis, MN

26 Taps

13 Screens


Tap Society

Eagan, MN

32 Taps

32 Screens

Beer, Wine & Cider

Beer Wall On Penn

West Reading, PA

38 Taps

19 Screens


Michael Stutts

Bloomin’ Brands

Chief Customer Officer

Outback, Carrabba’s, And More!

Duke's NYC

New York, New York

20 Taps

10 Screens

Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Kombucha & Hard Seltzer

Oz. Tap House

Austin, Texas

40 Taps

20 Screens

Beer, Wine, Cider & Hard Seltzer

Craft Food Halls


30 Taps

10 Screens

Beer, Wine, Hard Seltzer, Kombucha

If you have questions regarding your self-pour setup or any general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting us at 312-416-9989 or

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