Self-Serve Beer Systems at Golf Courses

Why are so many golf courses adopting pourmybeer systems?

Find below the many possibilities on how golf courses are using pourmybeer self-serve systems!

Stand Alone Driving Ranges

  • Increase beverage sales to make F&B a legit line item on your balance sheet
  • Add beer deals to current range cards. Ex. A large bucket and 2 beers for $20.
  • Pourmybeer unit sits next to ball machine dispenser, simple for customer to get a bucket and a beer…

Entertainment-based Driving Ranges

  • Amazing opportunity to keep customers on premises longer
  • Increase beverage sales during week without increase in staff costs
  • Mobile beer units that sit next to ball dispensers
  • Range/beer cards as with traditional ranges

Private Courses/Country Clubs

  • Lack of beverage cart service on private courses
  • Sales can tie right into member accounts from halfway house or patio units
  • Mobile units for Member events like weddings & parties
  • Increase beverage sales without increasing staff & less wait times for members

Public Courses

  • Units ideal for midweek play when no beverage carts are on course & weekend incremental sales
  • Implement many ideas for increasing F&B sales – Nine and Wine, Green Fees/beer combo

Tour Event Concessionaires

  • Hospitality tents are generally lacking in staff or service is slow
  • Mobile Beer/wine Wall are ideal for tournament week
  • Move equipment to the next venue with the ‘roadshow’

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