Self-pour at entertainment venues

Self-pour in entertainment venues

When friends and family get together on a Friday night, more often than not, they’ll choose a venue that offers fun activities – bowling, axe throwing, arcades, pickleball to name a few! After playing games for a while, they’ll work up an appetite and become thirsty.

With self-pour beverage walls, guests can choose when to pour, become their own bartenders, and ultimately, never wait in line or miss out on the fun. And, with the ability to pour as much or as little as they want, guests can sample as many beers as they’d like. No more committing to one drink for the entire night!

From axe throwing venues and bowling alleys all the way to car racing venues and pickleball courts, many entertainment venues utilize PourMyBeer technology to quench their customer’s thirst after the intense games. Establishments like OVRDRIVE Car Racing, Stumpy’s Axe Throwing and Dreamland Pickleball facility have integrated our revolutionary self-pour technology, and customers can’t seem to get enough!

Entertainment venues offering PourMyBeer technology stand out among the rest. Customers never have to wait in line for a drink again because self-pour allows guests to serve themselves quickly and efficiently. Installing a self-serve beverage wall can benefit your entertainment venue in many ways. 

What a Self-Serve Wall Brings to You and Your Venue

  • Differentiation Aspect – Offer your customers something no one else in the market can.
  • Speed of Service – Customers can quickly leave the game to get their drink (their friends and family will never even realize they left to grab a refill).
  • Customer Satisfaction – With no need to wait in line, customer satisfaction levels will increase, ultimately increasing the overall experience.
  • Increase in Revenue – With the increased speed of service, you’ll increase your profits. Customers will pour more since they can quickly grab a refill without waiting in line.

Differentiation From Others

Of course, customers will enjoy the games and activities your venue offers, but when having so much fun, they will get thirsty quickly. There is no better way to keep your customers around longer (spending money) than a self-serve beverage wall.

With self-pour technology at your establishment, customers will be able to take control of their drinking experience. And, you’ll stand out from other venues in the area. Customers love the freedom that comes with self-pour – the ability to pour their own drinks on their own time will be a unique experience that they haven’t had before. 

Speed of Service

No matter when your guests become thirsty, they won’t have to miss out on a second of the fun. When they want a drink, they can quickly approach the beverage wall and pour their beverage of choice and return to the fun. And, if your customers don’t know what they want to drink, they can sample every beverage from the wall in whatever quantity they want. This increase in service will greatly enhance the customer experience as they won’t ever have to wait in line for a drink again.

Customer Satisfaction

Since customers will avoid waiting in long lines and crowded areas with self-pour beverage walls, their overall satisfaction will increase. Customers will love the freedom to grab a refill when they need it and return to their game. This increase in satisfaction will lead to an increase in traffic as well – word of mouth will spread, and you’ll increase the number of customers to your door! 

Increase in Revenue

An increase in service and satisfaction for the customers increase revenue for you as the operator. An increase in service and customer satisfaction will increase your revenue as the operator. Customers will want to post about your establishment on social media and engage with others. This will help increase traffic even further. And, you can get creative with your marketing efforts to really drive more traffic to your doors.

Midwest Dream Car Collection is a fun car museum in Manhattan, KS! They have a 20-tap self-pour beverage wall that enables guests to sip while exploring 65+ cars that represent over one hundred years of automotive history. This unique combo brings guests through their doors and is a key differentiator.

If you have any questions on where to start when bringing self-pour technology to your entertainment venue, contact us at (312) 416-9989 or!  Or if you would like to learn more, check out some of our awesome PourMyBeer family members (as we like to call our customers) videos. 

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