Self-Pour Beer Taps

It’s not easy keeping a bar or restaurant in business. You need a constant flow of customers to keep ahead of your overhead costs, and bar and restaurant clientele are always looking for the next exciting new restaurant. You need something special to keep your customers excited about coming back to you. The answer may be self-serve beer taps.


What Are Self-Serve Beer Taps?

Self-serve beer taps are part of a complete bar beer tap system. Your customers have direct access to beer taps, either at a bank of taps at a fixed beer wall, two taps at a mobile table or four to eight taps at a mobile beer wall. To access them, they simply insert a pre-paid beer button that you provide, press the go button on the screen and pull the tap of their choice.

Why Self-Serve Beer Taps?

The benefits of self-serve beer taps are obvious. Perhaps you’ve thought about reaching over the bar and drawing yourself the perfect beer while the bartender is occupied at the other end of the bar. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, you can now trust customers to help themselves.

Advantages to Self-Serve Taps

You can probably imagine the possibilities of self-serve taps. There are some clear advantages to a bar beer tap system with self-serve taps. The most obvious, perhaps, is the amount of time you save. Simply load and dispense the beer buttons, and your customers do the rest. You won’t need to spend extra time pulling beers from the tap. You can serve other customers or handle other necessary tasks.

In addition, self-serve taps are fun. Suddenly, enjoying beer is an interactive experience where your customers feel like they are in control. They can pour a little beer from each tap for a sampling experience, or show their skills drawing a perfect glass of their favorite brew.

Getting Started With Self-Serve Taps

Getting in on the new wave of beer service is easy. To learn how to set up a bar beer tap system with self-serve taps in your bar, contact PourmyBeer team for a free quote and info on how to get started.

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