Commercial Tap System

Do you own a bar, restaurant or commercial establishment? Whether you’re in the business planning phase or looking for a modern, streamlined way to start seeing more happy customers, installing a commercial beer tap system is a great way to bring in business — especially when your patrons can serve themselves.

Featuring innovative, intelligent self-serve technology, PourMyBeer is the commercial tap system that will set your establishment apart and significantly boost your beverage sales while reducing the product waste. Learn more here.

Wine on PourMyBeer self-serve tap

Commercial Tap Walls and Equipment

Here at PourMyBeer, we offer the most reliable — and most versatile — beer dispensing system on the market. Catering to your unique establishment, customers and business needs, we’re a perfect fit for settings like:


From family restaurants to bars, a beer tap wall brings additional beverage opportunities and flexibility to your establishment. Your patrons can help themselves to their favorite beers between bites and refill their cups when they run out. With our self-serve pouring technology, they pay for every drop they sample or pour — so your customers stay satisfied, your staff can focus on serving and you always keep 100% of the tap profits.


What would the big game be without a beer in your hand? The PourMyBeer dispensing system is perfect for stadium settings — because no matter how crowded or rowdy your fans get, you can control their intake and keep them moving. Our convenient, quick self-serve taps help avoid the problems of long lines or crowded aisles by streamlining the pouring process. Plus, you can monitor and limit the number of drinks each fan indulges in.

Sports Bars

Patrons in your bar come as much for the beer as for the game, so why not make it an even friendlier customer experience? Fans can connect at the bar, follow the game and refill right from the tap wall without leaving their seats — so they spend less time ordering and more time enjoying. Plus, you pocket the profits you'd otherwise sacrifice to more staff and more complicated systems.


You want your customers to be happy, but you also need to maintain an element of control at your casino. With a self-serve commercial beer tap, you let your patrons control their alcohol dispensing — while still maintaining executive control over their intake. PourMyBeer allows you to set a drink limit, control the time between drinks and monitor dispensing without needing to oversee everything in person.


Your hotel doesn't have to have an attached restaurant to offer a bar experience for your guests. Adding a self-serve tap wall to your cozy lobby can create a lively and engaging atmosphere for guests.

Hotels are perfect for these tap walls- guests don't need to leave the premises to enjoy a cold one, keeping them safe and happy with the stay.

Cruise ships

There's nothing like kicking back with a cold one on a scenic, luxurious cruise — but for you and your staff, providing for your guests' needs can take a lot of resources. Cut back on your expenses, save time and savor cost-efficiency by installing our PourMyBeer commercial tap technology into the bar areas on your cruise ship. By giving your guests self-serve access to all the drinks they need — within your control — you'll save time and staff while keeping everyone happy on-board.

Unique Commercial Draft Equipment Benefits

Still wondering why you should choose PourMyBeer as the bar tap system for your commercial business? Whether we’re competing with traditional taps or other self-serve providers, PourMyBeer comes out on top — every time. When you read about our equipment, we think you’ll see why.

Here’s what our one-of-a-kind tap technology offers you:

  • Low cost of ownership: Our competitors tend to take a percentage of your profits as a business equity partner — and even $0.01 per ounce of beer will add up quickly over time. Don’t hand over your profits for unnecessary monthly support from a less reliable provider. PourMyBeer offers you the lowest cost of system ownership — and full ownership of your profits.
  • Industrial-grade systems: Our taps are connected to an easy-to-use screen that allows you and your customers to see how much you’re pouring. But our superior screens are far from consumer-grade tablets — they’re purpose-built, industrial-grade screens made to withstand splashes and heavy use 24/7.
Owner with Self Serve Tap Bar
Behind Our Tap Technology
  • Easy tap wall management: Wherever you are, PourMyBeer lets you manage and monitor beverage dispensing, set limits, check sales and spot trends. Our reporting dashboard will offer you the easiest access to your system — so you can keep track of every aspect of the tap. Schedule automatic on and off times, choose settings and refill beverages based on popularity. Our technology offers features like no other. Plus, our support staff is spread across the country for your convenience — although we doubt you’ll need to troubleshoot.
  • Easy and reliable use: Your customers will enjoy a friendly, satisfyingly simple user experience that integrates tap technology with our display screens — so they can see exactly what they’re selecting and seamlessly pay with their credit cards. Our equipment is also the most reliable option out there — which means you’ll never lose business to system downtime.
  • Multiple taps per screen: Short on wall space? No problem. Our commercial draft system is built to fit both your space and your budget. PourMyBeer lets you save so much room by offering as many as four taps per screen. You can even group beverages by different screens for your customers’ convenience.
  • Intelligent engineering and design: When we say high-quality, we mean it. Designed specifically to sidestep all the shortcomings of the self-pour product market, PourMyBeer is the most intelligently designed commercial beer tap you can find.
  • No WiFi: PourMyBeer is the only commercial draft system on the market to use ethernet hardwiring instead of WiFi. That means our network is clean, quick and free of the connectivity complications WiFi can cause. Plus, our streamlined technology has less than half the connection points of our competitors — which results in much less potential failure points.
PourMyBeer tap technology 3 taps per screen
Self-pour tap technology
  • Convenient placement: While most of our competitors use direct current (D/C) power sources that need to be close to the taps, our alternate current power lets you set up your flow meters and valves up to 50 feet away — which frees up your space and cleans up your look.
  • No foam: Another amazing benefit of our A/C power setup? No frothy foam. Putting our valves and flow meters farther from the taps lets the beer settle before dispensing — giving your customers a smooth, clean pour.
  • Open API: We’re proud to play nice with other companies because it offers our users the best experience. That’s why we designed our technology with an open API — allowing us to integrate and connect with your other restaurant systems.

Case Studies on Our Commercial Tap Technology

We’re the most reliable commercial tap system on the market — hands down. Our world-class technology has succeeded in every Request for Proposal (RPF) screening process we’ve ever responded to.

We’re the only company in our market who’s never been replaced by a competitor system — in fact, we’ve replaced the systems of 12 competitors in the last year alone. Diligent buyers choose our high-quality PourMyBeer technology every time. Our case studies will show you why.

Invest in Your Self-Serve Commercial Draft System Today

When you want to improve your business, satisfy your customers completely, and save space, time and expenses, PourMyBeer is the self-pour system to revolutionize your commercial space. Call us or contact us online to learn more about setting up our custom tap equipment today.

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