Self-pour in Sport Bars

Self-Pour at Bars

Imagine a busy sports bar, with patrons filling the entire venue, all eyes locked on TVs. The game is on, and everyone is hooked. But…everyone’s glass is close to empty. So what happens when it’s getting close to commercial time?

Beer Wall

Everybody swarms the bar, trying to get another round, doing their best to flag down the bartender, only for half of them to fail and most likely give up before the game is back on.

Now, what happens if you have self-pour? Everyone leisurely makes their way to the tap wall, samples a few, and fills their glass with however much of their favorite beverages as they want, and gets back to their seat with a few minutes to spare.

And the best part? You, as the bar owner, don’t miss any of their orders. Your customers are all satisfied, your staff can focus on great customer service and making the place spotless. And you don’t lose out on any profits by giving out free samples or having patrons sitting around with empty glasses.

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Revolutionizing the Modern Bar Experience

Whether you’re the bar owner, the bartender, or the patron, one of the worst aspects of the bar experience is when the patrons can’t get served when they want. Not only is the customer likely to be unhappy and unlikely to want to return, but the bar is also losing out on potential profits. 

At a bar with traditional dispensing methods, large crowds are inevitable at times. With every single drink needing to be served by a very limited number of bartenders, some patrons will have to wait or will fall through the cracks and be unserved entirely. As a bar owner, this is never a good thing: it not only means that your customers are often left unhappy with their experience, but it also means you’re losing out on potential revenue. With self-pour you put this inefficiency to an end. 

Thanks to PourMyBeer’s revolutionary technology, the customer becomes their own bartender, and they are in full control of when and how much they want to pour.

This means that your staff can focus on providing friendly, fast and high-quality service to customers in order to make their experience exceptional every single time, giving them a strong reason to return.

Many bars all over the U.S. have already been seeing the benefits of self-pour, from San Francisco to Chicago, bars all over the world are starting to embrace the benefits of self-pour.

Benefits Too Good to Ignore

As the owner of a self-pour bar, you get these benefits:

  • Lower Costs: When the customer becomes their own bartender, your staffing needs for bartenders reduce significantly, and with it, your wage expenditure.  
  • Better Service: To that same point, customers having full control over their drink needs also ensures that they are served with maximal efficiency; no one needs to be left waiting. Your remaining staff can then keep your bar running smoothly 100% of the time. 
  • Less Waste: Self-pour allows patrons to pour exactly the amount they want, and this will significantly reduce the amount of alcohol waste generated compared to a traditional bar. Overpouring and spillage by staff are completely eliminated since customers are handling pouring on their own accounts themselves.
  • Fresh for Weeks: Since the kegs in which wine and cocktails are kept are pressurized and cooled, they are kept fresh for a long time, meaning customers get the same tasting wine on day 30 as they did on day 1. 
  • Eco-Friendly Inventory: Another benefit of self-pour is that using kegs significantly simplifies your inventory. Instead of having to keep track of and later dispose of hundreds of bottles at a time, you’ll have a few dozen kegs (at most) at a time which are also reusable.
  • Unique differentiator: Self-Pour is new, it’s interesting, and it turns heads. In a bar and restaurant market with so many new places, it can be difficult to stand out. Self-pour is a great way to do exactly that, especially if marketed well.

Not only does the switch to self-pour benefit you as the bar owner and your staff, but also the customers, who can enjoy the quick and fun new way to drink their favorites!

  • Convenience: When we say “stop waiting, start pouring,” we’re not kidding. Customers always get to be in control of their drinks, making their experience more fun and a lot more convenient.
  • Cost Efficiency and Sampling: Pouring and paying by ounce means that patrons don’t have to commit to an entire glass of a beverage just to try it. Sampling is possible and encouraged, so no one has to spend too much on a drink they don’t like.
  • Consistency: That kegging system that benefits you on the bar side also makes things nicer for customers, because it means that every drink is delicious and chilled from the keg all the way to their glass with every pour. 
  • Fun and Unique Experience: Self-pour is a surprisingly social and interactive experience. Customers often talk to each other about their favorite drinks, how to pour perfectly, and which ones look the coolest. Some of this even makes it to social media, which can be a nice marketing boost for the bar as well!

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