Meet the Team!

Learn more about Our Team!

Learn more about Our Team!

We’re an ever-growing family at PourMyBeer. What started as a small business back in 2015 is now a 30 member team led by our Founder and CEO, Josh Goodman. We love to spend time together whether it’s at industry events, team meetings, or just grabbing a drink together at a self-pour taproom!
You can learn more about our team by watching the videos on this page, or you can check out our about us page. Cheers!
Happy Hour At Navigator Taproom
Team Summit: Visiting Wanderlust Wine Co. in Austin, Texas
Team throws surprise party for founder & ceo, Josh Goodman
Team Donation at All things Wild Animal Shelter
National Restaurant Association Show 2019
2021 Team Summit at Oz. Tap House
Welcome Abroad!
Hoppy's Adventures Around Chicago
Hoppy Self-Pour Hours Event 2019

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