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How to Increase Efficiency & Profitability with Self-Pour Beverage Technology

Thursday, June 23rd | 10 Am MT

Laurel Thomas, South/Central Territory Director at PourMyBeer

VP of Sales and Marketing at PourMyBeer Ed Lazaruk

Ed Lazaruk, VP of Sales at PourMyBeer

We hosted a webinar on everything PourMyBeer! Laurel Thomas, South/Central Territory Director at PourMyBeer, and Ed Lazaruk, VP of Sales at PourMyBeer, discussed how to increase efficiency & profitability with self-pour beverage technology. We also had a couple of guest speakers, Susan Ganter, Co-Owner of The Golden Mill, and Jim Wright, Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall and Operations and Technology Consultant at Malcolm Yards, who shared their self-pour success stories and talked about different verticals PourMyBeer is in and how our technology fits in!

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Click on each image below to learn more about our event speakers!

Laurel Thomas

South/Central Territory Director

Ed Lazaruk

Vice President of Sales

Guest Speakers

Click on each image below to learn more about our self-pour operators speaking at the event!

Susan Ganter

Co-Owner – The Golden Mill

Jim Wright

Director of Operations at Stanley Beer Hall & The Golden Mill and Operations & Technology Consultant at Malcolm Yards

Golden Mill Logo

Back in 2018, when The Golden Mill Feed Store was for sale, some local Golden friends and neighbors got together and decided to put in an offer with the desire to save a local iconic landmark and with the thought – “we could do something for the Golden community.” The site, which sits right on Clear Creek, with views of North and South Table Mountain to the east and famous Mt. Zion to the west, was the perfect place to create a social gathering place, but the new owners had no experience in the restaurant business. Enter the folks at The Stanley Marketplace. With extensive experience in the food hall industry and more importantly, a focus on community, the perfect partnership was born.

The new reimagined Golden Mill continues the community gathering place tradition with new life as a spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy live music, events, and pop-up markets while enjoying food from five local food concepts and beverages from a self-pour wall that boasts over 50-taps of home-grown brews, wines, and house-made cocktails.
They are also home to downtown Golden’s first and only rooftop patio and bar, which includes a second self-pour wall of 16-taps including local beers, wines, and cocktails as well as sake to complement our adjacent Sushi Bar – Sushi Sora.

If you missed our previous webinars and want to check them out, click below to visit our Webinar Series Center! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or email us at cheers@pourmybeer.com!

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Laurel Thomas

Territory Director (South/Central)

Laurel grew up in Augusta Georgia, famously known as the home of the Master’s Golf Tournament. She attended Georgia College & State University where she earned her degree in Public Health. After college, Laurel took the time to pursue her passion for travel and moved to Melbourne, Australia, and later traveled around Southeastern Asia.

After coming home to start her career path, she discovered her affinity for sales and moved to Charleston, South Carolina to work as a sales consultant on a fortune 100 telecommunication contract. She later discovered the e-commerce space and has continued to pursue products she finds innovative and transformative for businesses and individuals. When she’s not working, Laurel enjoys traveling, cooking up new recipes, and exploring the great outdoors. 

Fun Fact: Laurel is the first female born on her father’s side of the family in 203 years.

Ed Lazaruk

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Ed grew up in Connecticut not too far from the birthplace of PT Barnum. This could explain his affinity for Sales, Marketing, and being an all-around Showman. Despite earning a degree in Chemistry at the University of Vermont, Ed decided to change career paths and took a job at an internet start-up. This began his long career growing sales at innovative tech companies, from heading up Sales and Marketing at boot-strapped start-ups to companies with $200mm in series A funding. Ed resides in Santa Monica, CA, where he works as the Vice President of Sales at PourMyBeverage & PourMyBeer.

Ed has been with PourMyBeer since 2016, known as “the early days” of self-pour.  As such he’s experienced firsthand the evolution of the technology and the marketplace and has extensive knowledge and insights to share on how to correctly implement self-pour.

Fun Fact: Ed is a distant cousin of Elvis Presley.

Susan Ganter

Co-Owner - The Golden Mill

Susan is a co-owner of The Golden Mill and works closely on a daily basis with The Golden Mill’s management team to run the successful operations of a large-scale food hall and community gathering place.  Through her extensive relationships and presence in the Golden community, she has worked to establish The Golden Mill as an integral fabric of the local Golden community with her team by creating and hosting community events at the Golden Mill.  Susan additionally oversees all of the marketing and public relations for the Golden Mill. 

Jim Wright

Director of Operations and Industry Consultant - The Golden Mill, Stanley Beer Hall and Malcolm Yards

Jim Wright has been in the Food and Beverage industry for 25 years. In that time, he has done everything from the ground up – including washing dishes, serving, bartending, every level of management, and ultimately ownership. Jim is part of operations of 5 self-pour establishments including Stanley Beer Hall, The Golden Mill, and Malcolm Yards, and is currently in the development stages of 4 more locations. Jim supports or advises several other PourMyBeer locations including Mainzer Theater in Merced, Shoot the Moon in Houston, and The Wicked Pour in Tampa.

Jim came to Stanley Beer Hall through a need for a change in the style of service due to operational difficulties the location was having with its traditional bar dispensing method. After installing PourMyBeer’s self-pour system Stanley Beer Hall experienced such great success that they decided to build a second outdoor wall on their patio last year!