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If you thought PourMyBeer technology is just for beer fans, check out the pictures below. 

We’ve expanded our reach with the introduction of the commercial wine dispenser system. Even though we enjoy being known for our innovative self-serve beer systems, it’s time to show the world we know a thing or two about wine, too!

Self-pour wine tap system allows your guests to taste any wine you have available in-house, without any risk of profit loss on your end. This is done via commercial-grade self-pouring taps which puts the ability in the hands of the customers rather than the staff, thereby mitigating the effects of human error — including over-pours, spilled glasses and broken bottles.

Self-serve wine bars have greatly improved upon traditional wine pouring formats by putting the control in your customers’ hands and increasing the profit in yours.

How Do Commercial Wine-Pouring Systems Work?

Although self-pour dispensing machines are a novel concept, commercial wine-pouring systems have been around for years. Instead of serving wine from bottles, the beverage is stored and served in kegs, similar to beers on tap. Serving wine on tap is not a new concept, but its popularity is just beginning to pick up as a younger demographic enters the wine-drinking scene.

Commercial wine-pouring systems operate very similarly to beer tap systems. Wines are made with the same love and passion you’d expect from any fine vintage. However, after the barreling stage, wines are put into stainless-steel kegs instead of corking them. These kegs generally hold about 26 bottles of wine, or 120 glasses. The tap system includes kegs, a coupler, tubing, shanks and faucets almost identical to beer tap systems.

When the wine is tapped, argon and nitrogen push the wine from the keg into the glass, blanketing the beverage and preventing oxidization, which degrades the flavor and aroma of the wine. As these commercial wine-pouring systems become more popular, your customers will grow accustomed to the idea of a fine wine on tap.

Why Choose a Wine Dispenser Machine?

A glass of wine is an ideal complement to a nice meal. However, for a lot of diners, the pomp and circumstance that goes with choosing a bottle can be a little intimidating — not to mention expensive. Committing to a bottle, or even a glass of wine can be difficult — especially when your customers want to try new flavors.

The beauty of the commercial wine dispenser is that they’re free to pour and taste an ounce of every wine available before they make their decision, ensuring the wine they choose is one they’ll love. However, PourMyBeer wine dispensing systems aren’t just good for your guests. They’re also active profit-generating tools that will quickly deliver a return on your investment. Here’s how:

Less Waste: The biggest waste of money coming from your bar is actually due to the increasingly prevalent problem of the over-pour. Wine dispenser machines eliminate this waste, lowering your costs by as much as 23 percent.

Less Mess: Bottle service can be messy. Sometimes the cork gets stuck or cracks. Sometimes a bottle drops. Sometimes wine splashes right out of the glass while it’s being poured. All of these scenarios can end up costing the company more money and actually reducing your overall profit margins.

Wine Preservation: Many restaurants that serve wine by the glass keep bottles opened for hours or even days, increasing the threat of oxidation. Kegs eliminate this concern. The gas that pushes the wine through the tap lines protects the beverage from oxidation by occupying empty space in the keg. Taking the bottle out of the equation also gets rid of concerns like bottle shock or faulty corks.

Consistency to Save Money: Getting just the right amount of wine in the glass every single time so your margins stay consistent is nearly impossible, which is why you likely already account in your budget for slight over-pours by your bartenders and servers. With the PourMyBeer wine tap system, this problem vanishes entirely. The machine will always count the exact number of ounces and every drop of wine poured by your customers is tracked and charged directly to them.

Why Try A Self-Pour Wine Service System?

Customer Convenience

Even avid wine drinkers are occasionally stumped by the question, “Which wine would you like tonight?” Thanks to the PourMyBeer wine tap dispenser, this never has to be a problem in your establishment. When you install our system, you give your customers the freedom to taste test any of your available wines before they commit to a full glass.

They’re free to peruse the wine bar as soon, and as often, as they like. Not only does this mean they won’t have to wait for a refill from their bartender or server, but it also means they don’t have to decide on a wine without first having tasted it.

This added bonus for your customers can translate to profits for you, as it may increase the amount of wine you sell. Without having to wait for their servers to refill their glasses, customers may be more inclined to indulge in a second or third glass.

Save Time

Although bottle service has been the modus operandi up until now, it definitely has some drawbacks. Namely, it’s time-consuming for your staff. The more time they spend helping your customers pick the right wine, presenting it to the table, opening it and pouring each person’s first glass, the less time they have available to assist the rest of your customers.

Every customer is different — some will decide they want more wine before their glass is half-finished, others as they’re taking the last sip, and others still who won’t decide until ten minutes after they’ve finished their glass. If servers don’t have the time to check back in with a customer at the right moment to see if they’d like another glass of wine, they may lose out on an additional sale. Most people might decide against a second or third glass if they have to wait. Eliminating the amount of time a customer has to wait between deciding they’d like more wine and actually receiving that wine is the easiest way to increase your wine sales.

Save Money

Say goodbye to losing money based on a customer’s dissatisfaction with their wine or heavy-handed pours. Thanks to our commercial wine dispenser, your customers are able to taste any wine they like before pouring a glass. They’re guaranteed to end up with one they love, and since the machines utilize RFID cards to monitor every drop poured, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of knowing that no matter how much they pour, you’ll get paid for every last drop. Plus, servers spend less time pouring and uncorking wine bottles, making them more productive and keeping your staffing costs lower overall.

Unique Experience

With a wine dispensing system, your guests can enjoy wine by the glass, giving them the chance to try new things without feeling embarrassed that they don’t know much about the bottles. The process is easy and encourages people to step outside their comfort zone in a fun way.

Your customers are sure to be attracted to the novelty and convenience of pouring their own wine, making your establishment more memorable and more likely to attract repeat business.

Increased Wine Sales

Why should you invest in a self-serve wine dispenser system? Not only will you experience a huge boost in profits, but your customers will also love the unique experience and freedom this system provides.

How Does a Self-Pour Wine Dispenser Work?

Step 1

Customers Are Issued an RFID Card

When patrons enter your establishment, your staff verifies their ID to ensure legal drinking age. Once it’s confirmed they’re old enough to enjoy your selection of delectable wines, your staff will hand them an RFID card, which they can then use to activate your commercial wine dispenser. They can pre-load their card with cash or run it as a traditional bar tab would be.

Step 2

Dispensing Wine

Once your customer has their card, they are free to explore your wine dispenser machine. To dispense wine, all a customer has to do is place the card in the slot and pour their own glass. They can taste any wine they’d like or a variety of vintages. Our This allows them to create their own small tasting or pour a full glass of one selection. The dispensing system keeps wine fresh.
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Keeping Track of Every Sip

As they taste to their heart’s desire, their RFID card will keep track of every drop of wine they pour so that at the end of the night they’ve paid for all the wine they’ve had and your sheets are perfectly balanced.

Responsible Consumption

Each time they pour, the system reminds them how much they’ve spent and alerts them when funds are running low. This encourages more responsible consumption. In addition, your machine will not let a customer consume more than two glasses of wine within an hour.

Needless to say, craft brewing in the U.S. is growing at a rapid pace. This is great news for those of us who want options when we drink. Craft beer connoisseurs choose according to a wide variety of factors, from complex flavor profiles to alcohol content. No wonder a new trend has caught on: choosing beers by season

Step 3

Closing the Tab!

At the end of the night, customers simply return their RFID card and either close out their bar tab or collect their receipt.

Learn More About the PourMyBeer Self-Pour System

The invention of your dreams has finally been brought to life. The PourMyBeer wine dispenser machine is here and ready to increase your profit margins and satisfy your customers. And let’s be honest, whether you’re running a wine bar, a full-menu restaurant, a special events venue or any other hangout that sells alcohol, happy customers and rising profits are all you really need for success!

With self-pour wine wall, your guests can ensure a full pour of their favorite vintage. They’ll also enjoy the convenience of serving themselves, while your staff is free to attend to their other needs. We see it as the ultimate win-win in alcohol consumption!

Want to learn more about the future of wine and wondering how much would you own self-pour wine system cost?

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