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Wine Dispenser Machine

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That’s right — the invention of your dreams has finally been brought to life. The PourMyBeer wine dispenser machine is here and ready to increase your profit margins and satisfy your customers. And let’s be honest, whether you’re running a wine bar, a full-menu restaurant, a special events venue or any other hangout that sells alcohol, happy customers and rising profits are all you really need for success!

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Bottle Service Is a Drag

There was a time when offering bottle service to your tables was the best way to increase your profit margins while keeping your customers’ glasses full. But bottle service definitely has some drawbacks.

First and most importantly, it’s time-consuming for your staff. The more time they spend helping your customers pick the right wine, presenting it to the table, opening it and pouring each person’s first glass, the less time they have available to assist the rest of your customers.

The second downfall is that it can be messy. Sometimes the cork gets stuck or cracks, sometimes a bottle drops and sometimes wine splashes right out of the glass while it’s being poured. All of these scenarios lead to the final negative to bottle service: it can end up costing the company more money and actually reducing your overall profit margins.

So What’s the Solution?

Enter the PourMyBeer wine dispenser machine. This self-service bar is improving the way wine is sold and enjoyed, one restaurant at a time. Your staff will only need to ID the customers to ensure legal drinking age before handing them an RFID card, which can be preloaded with funds or run as a traditional bar tab.

Once your customer has their card, they are free to explore your wine dispenser machine and taste any wine they’d like. As they taste to their heart's desire, their RFID card will keep track of every drop of wine they pour so that at the end of the night they’ve paid for all the wine they’ve had and your profit margins are perfectly balanced.

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