Beer Tables

Think the average beer table is simply a table on which beer is served? You’re about to see the world in a whole new way.

While many establishments — such as hotels, restaurants and bars — simply have plain wooden tables for service, you can introduce beer tables from PourMyBeer to completely revolutionize how you do business.

See how it works 

Our tables don’t just provide a place where customers can drink they beer — they are an innovative service system that allows customers to pour their own beer. It works very simply. Our draft beer serving equipment lets you install a fixed or mobile self-pour system at your tables. The beer is kept in a refrigerated system under the table or behind a wall, and the taps are right on the table. Each draft beer table also has a Magic Box which allows customers to order beer and pay for it before pouring it themselves.

What Are the Benefits of Our Tables?

Establishments can’t get enough of our self-serve systems and tables. They report many benefits, including:

  • A complete elimination of spills and waste.
  • An easy tracking system for keeping track of beer consumed at each table.
  • An easy-pay, no-cash system customers appreciate.
  • An increased interest from customers — they love the option of pouring their own beer!
  • More beer consumed — customers can pour half-glasses or part glasses and only pay for what they need. Since the beer is right at their table, it’s easier for customers to drink as much as they like.
  • Less wait time for customers.

The Smarter Way to Serve Beer

Our self-serve tables bring the beer to your customers in a fun and unique way. Rather than having to wait at the bar or having to wait for a server, customers can just sit at a self-serve table and pour their own beer. You don’t have to worry about servers interrupting customers during their evening, and the system automatically keeps tabs of drinks poured for you.

In fact, our self-serve table can help you get ahead in business. Want to know what beers are most popular at your establishment? Want to know when demand is greatest? With our Magic Box, each drink that’s poured is tracked so you can establish customer patterns and preferences, letting you tweak your offerings to what customers demand.

If you’d like to give your servers a break and make your business more efficient while attracting more customers, contact PourMyBeer about our self-serve tables today.

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