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Gotab and PourMyBeer Integration

With the PourMyBeer & GoTab Point-of-Sale (POS) integration, guests can open a “pour card” to order and pay for their drinks in just a few seconds. PourMyBeer’s self-serve beverage technology gives operators a more efficient, streamlined way to serve drinks to guests. Thanks to our latest integration with GoTab, this process is even faster & more efficient! 

Rather than starting from scratch and designing a new, costly POS system, the PourMyBeer team focuses on perfecting our self-pour technology and creating versatility for our self-serve beverage walls to integrate with the top-existing point of sale providers. Big companies like GoTab have spent years developing and perfecting their complex systems that can reliably operate any establishment.

GoTab POS manages everything hospitality operators need to deliver exceptional guest experiences. With the GoTab POS, operators can switch service models on the fly, increase communication with the kitchen, and access key insights on product or item sales in the palm of their hands. When faced with the obstacles of staffing shortages and high food costs, GoTab POS rises to the challenge with efficient, streamlined experiences for staff and guests. 

With the operator in mind, PourMyBeer engineers developed partnerships and integrations with many of the leading point-of-sale systems on the market, meaning operators do not have to make any compromises and can choose the best fit for their establishment. 

With GoTab POS & PourMyBeer, you get both – top-shelf POS services and the best self-pour technology on the market. Now, let us review this integration in more detail.

how does it work?

The process of checking in and checking out with GoTab integration is simple! 

  1. Servers open a tab on the POS, pre-authorize the credit card, and select “add pass.”
  2. The server then taps “pour card” to assign it to the open tab. You can add any number of pour cards to a single tab.
  3. Customers can now use the “pour card” and tap it on the PourMyBeer wall to pour and enjoy a drink.
  4. Once the customer pours a drink, GoTab adds the item and amount in real time to the open tab.
  5.  As long as the tab is open, PourMyBeer technology allows the customer to pour. If it is closed, the screen notifies the customer to open a tab with GoTab.
  6. When customers finish drinking, servers can manually close the tab and charge the credit card on file, split payments if multiple “pour cards” are assigned to a tab, or leave it as is, and GoTab will automatically close the tab. 
PourMyBeer self-pour fan Hoppy

PourMyBeer Tip: Since the guests don’t have to go back to the front desk/check-in station to close out their tabs, we highly recommend implementing a visible express check-out station where guests can drop their “pour card” in a box for the tip amount they wish to leave.

Core Benefits of our Integration

With the PourMyBeer & GoTab POS integration, you no longer need a separate check-in station to activate pour cards. GoTab POS activates the pour card, opens a tab, and collects the credit card to save on a tab. Operators can add any number of RFID cards to one tab. You no longer need to close the pour card at the PourMyBeer check-in station, as you can do this on the GoTab POS. The operator or guest can close the tab and disassociate the pour card from the tab. Together, we simplify both the guests’ and operators’ experience by activating and associating the pour cards to tabs, all through one system.

With Gotab POS,

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Breakdown of Benefits for the Operator

  • Reduce the Number of Staff Needed: Your labor needs automatically decrease with self-pour technology as customers serve themselves. With our GoTab integration, the check-in & check-out processes are so fast that you can reduce the number of staff needed even further.
  • Increased Efficiency – Servers have more time to focus on improving the guest experience and minimizing errors by giving guests the freedom to self-serve their drinks.
  • Increase in Average Tab Size – Guests no longer have to wait in line to order a beer. They can continue to order and serve themselves at their convenience.
  • Easier Maintenance – Operators do not need to manage products in two places. Instead, the beverage wall products are handled in PourMyBeer and automatically transferred to GoTab.

For owners, this integration represents an unprecedented improvement to the economics of selling drinks, as sales increase and costs decrease. Guests wait for less time = pour, and spend more. PourMyBeer tracks and accounts for every ounce poured, guests pay for every ounce poured, and owners see higher profits as a result. Also, operators save on payroll as they do not need to employ as many staff members, which is a game changer with the current ongoing staffing crisis.

Breakdown of Benefits for the Customer

For patrons, the PourMyBeer system creates an interactive, unique drink experience that gives them complete control over what they pour and how much.  

  • Increased Service Efficiency: Guests pour drinks for themselves, meaning they don’t have to wait for a busy server or bartender to take their order and bring drinks back to the table. At the same time, the staff has time to focus on cleaning & serving food; thus, customers experience significantly faster service.
  • Ability to Sample: Thanks to PourMyBeer, the patrons can try any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks by the ounce and pay for exactly what they pour, gaining the freedom to experiment with new flavors and find their true favorites.
  • Fun Experience: Guests love being their own bartenders and sampling at the beverage wall with their friends or coworkers, advising each other on which sample to pour next!

GoTab POS is the perfect fit for high-volume breweries, restaurants, and entertainment spaces with large indoor and outdoor spaces. 

To learn more about our integrations, call us at 312-416-9989 or email us at! If you want to watch more videos of the PourMyBeer system in action, click below! 


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