PourMyBeer and Toast Made Simple

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PourMyBeer and Toast integration

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Toast and PourMyBeer Integration

Rather than building our own POS system, we decided it’s best to leave that to the experts. POS companies have invested millions of dollars in R&D to develop best-in-class Point of Sale systems. These systems have robust feature sets that are well equipped to run a restaurant/bar and are not easy to reproduce. Front-of-house operations, back-of-house order modifications, and ticketing, as well as sophisticated reporting and marketing features, are all things you get with a quality POS.

So, PourMyBeer engineered its system with an open API, enabling us to look into the world’s leading POS systems. Our open API gives our customers the best of both worlds. They can use the POS system on the market that fits their specific needs to run their business smoothly, and they also have the best self-pour system on the market with PourMyBeer. We’re the only self-pour provider who has done this – all other companies have attempted to make their own POS and do not enable integration with others.

Below is an overview of integration with the Toast POS, the most commonly used POS by PourMyBeer family members in the U.S. 

What is the Toast and PourMyBeer Integration all about?

PourMyBeer’s self-serve beverage technology allows customers to become their own bartenders and have a drink in their hands within 60 seconds of entering an establishment.

PourMyBeer’s integration with Toast POS means that all the data from a customer’s pour is sent directly to the Toast tab.

District Brew Yards PourMyBeer and Toast check in station

PourMyBeer and Toast Check-In Station at District Brew Yards, Chicago

An important benefit to the customer is that they no longer close their tab manually when leaving; it is done entirely through the system.

For owners, this represents an unprecedented improvement to the economics of selling drinks, as sales increase and costs decrease.

Customers wait less and buy more. For business owners, every ounce poured is tracked and accounted for by the PourMyBeer system, and as a result, much less staff is required. For patrons, the PourMyBeer system creates an interactive, unique drink experience that gives them all of the control over what they pour and how much.  

Check out our tutorials on how to open and close a customer’s self-pour tab using Toast POS with the PourMyBeer integration!

Core Benefits

  • Increased service efficiency: The lag time due to busy staff is eliminated because guests pour themselves.
  • No free samples: Patrons can use their PourMyBeer card to pour small amounts of anything on tap – craft beer, wine, kombucha, cider, soda, cocktails, saki, and even cold brew coffee. Sampling is cheap so, patrons won’t be discouraged from experimenting, and the owner will capture all of the revenue.
  • Increased sales volume: With practically no wait for drinks, customers are more encouraged to go up to the tap wall and get more drinks. This means you sell more, especially during peak times.

Toast POS Case Study

CraftWorx Taproom, located in Gainesville, VA, is taking advantage of the benefits of self-pour. CraftWorx is home to a 60-tap self-pour beverage wall. After careful evaluation, they decided to integrate their PourMyBeer system with Toast POS. With the Toast and PourMyBeer integration, patrons can check-in in under 10 seconds, providing a smooth process for customers and staff. Not only do customers get in quickly and pour their drinks with no wait, but staff can check in more customers. Learn the keys to success to help your establishment operate efficiently and maximize beverage sales while only needing a few staff members by downloading the case study below!

How does it work?

Our integration with Toast POS brings increased speed and ease of use by sending customer pour data directly onto their open check as they enjoy the beverage wall.

  1. Customers use their credit card to link to a payment method to the Toast tab.
    2. The staff can then link a PourMyBeer card to each customer’s Toast tab.
    3. At the beverage wall, customers can pour freely and pay by the ounce using their PourMyBeer card.
    4. All pour data from the beverage wall is directly routed to the Toast tab in real-time until they are ready to leave.
    5. Lastly, customers can get an itemized receipt from their Toast tab. This will summarize everything they poured that night.

Watch the video below to see the efficiency of PourMyBeer’s integration with Toast at Craft Food Hall Project in Massachusetts!

Check out Plucked Chicken, a restaurant in Pleasanton, California, and their experience with the PourMyBeer and Toast integration!

Hear From An Operator!

Without Toast, our major bottleneck was the front door, and I'd lose customers and sales. That changed when we got Toast and added PourMyBeer's Toast integration. We've been able to streamline our operations, which has helped make busy nights more manageable and more profitable. For example, our event “Illumination of the Holiday Season” is usually our busiest night of the year. Last year, we had a line that went out the door all night, and it took forever to simply get cards into the hands of our customers so they could start getting their drinks. This year, we had practically no line, our revenue increased by 150%, and we worked half as hard.

John Felico, Owner of Auggie’s Draft Room

Learn more from our partners at Toast POS, call us at 312-416-9989 or email us at cheers@pourmybeer.com! And if you would like to see more videos of the PourMyBeer system in action, click below. 

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