​​How to Get a Beer and Wine License

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​​How to Get a Beer and Wine License

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Are you wondering how to get a beer and wine license for your establishment? Whether you’re running a lively pub, a relaxing restaurant, or a trendy hotel with a bar, the journey to obtaining a beer and wine license can be as exciting as your guests’ reactions to your carefully curated drink selection.

We’ll walk you through the basics, from understanding what a wine and beer license entails and the benefits of having one to the costs involved. We’ll even share some tips to make the application process smoother than a well-poured pint.

Get ready because you’ll soon be able to serve your customers the perfect blend of craft beers and fine wines.

Beer and Wine License vs. Liquor License

When getting the green light to serve alcohol at your establishment, you’ll encounter two leading players — the wine and beer license and the liquor license. What’s the difference between them?

Liquor License

Liquor licenses open the door to serving distilled spirits like vodka, whiskey, and gin. Because they pack a punch with higher alcohol content, getting a liquor license often involves jumping through a few more hoops.

    • Application process: Buckle up — obtaining a liquor license can feel like passing a rigorous driving test. The process involves more paperwork, additional requirements, and a lengthier approval process than beer and wine licenses.
    • Cost considerations: Be prepared for higher costs regarding liquor licenses. Initial application fees and annual renewals may dent your budget. Think of it as investing in a rare and expensive bottle of aged whiskey.
    • Regulatory differences: Liquor licenses often come with stricter regulations. You’ll likely face more rigorous rules about when and how you can serve alcohol, along with additional responsibilities for safety and compliance. It’s a path that demands extra caution and attention to detail.

Beer and Wine License

This type of license is your golden ticket to serving various delightful beers and a curated selection of wines. These beverages are on the lighter side of the alcohol spectrum, with lower alcohol content than hard liquor.

      • Application process: Applying for a beer and wine license is typically fast and not overly complex. Compared to obtaining a liquor license, you’ll find the paperwork more straightforward and the approval process quicker. It’s like securing a learner’s permit, making it easier to get your establishment up and running.
      • Cost considerations: Beer and wine license application fees and annual renewals tend to be more budget-friendly. Think of it as enjoying a reasonably priced craft beer.
      • Regulatory differences: Beer and wine licenses often come with fewer regulatory restrictions. You’ll likely have more flexibility regarding hours of operation and responsible service practices, making it a smoother journey for your establishment.

So, the main difference is all about what you’re legally allowed to serve on the premises. Beer and wine licenses cover beer and wine, while liquor licenses give you the green light to pour the hard stuff. You can start with a beer and wine license, and when you’re ready to take things up a notch, explore the world of liquor licenses.

Benefits of a Beer and Wine License


Let’s talk about the sweet perks of scoring a beer and wine license for your establishment. Now, you might wonder, “Why go for beer and wine when there’s the allure of hard liquor?” Well, a whole world of advantages comes with opting for the wine and beer license route.

Easier Does It

Getting a beer and wine license is like taking the express lane to alcohol service. If your establishment isn’t planning on shaking up cocktails with a twist of hard liquor, you’re in luck. The application process tends to be smoother, with fewer regulatory hurdles.


Let’s talk money, shall we? Running a business is an investment, and every penny counts. Beer and wine licenses are often a budget-friendly option. They come with lower fees and fewer ongoing costs than their hard liquor counterparts. That means more cash in your pocket to invest in ambiance and decor or perhaps expanding your selection of craft beers and fine wines.

Speedy Service

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re itching to introduce your patrons to delightful wine pairings and craft beer combos. Beer and wine licenses tend to get approved more quickly. So, while your competitors navigate the labyrinth of liquor licensing, you could be tapping kegs sooner than you think.

Happy Customers, Happy Business

Let’s not forget the smiling faces at your establishment. Many patrons are perfectly content with a well-curated beer and wine list. A beer and wine license ensures you can provide just that. It’s all about catering to your clientele and ensuring they have a fantastic time.

Steps to Obtaining a Beer and Wine License

Alright, party planners and hospitality hustlers, it’s time to talk about how to make your beer and wine dreams come true with a beer and wine license. Here are the steps to apply for a beer and wine license:

  1.   Know your state’s laws: Before you dive in, understand your state’s alcohol laws. Regulations can vary, and you’ll want to understand all the dos and don’ts in your area.
  2.   Determine license type: Decide whether you’re going for an on-premises license for consumption at your establishment or an off-premises license for retail sales. Your business model and goals will dictate this choice.
  3.   Gather documentation: Time to collect your paperwork. You’ll typically need your business plan, financial records, lease agreements, and other necessary documents. Think of it as putting together the ultimate wine and beer menu.
  4.   Background checks: You and any key personnel may need to undergo background checks before being granted a beer and wine license.
  5.   Complete application: It’s application time. Fill out the forms provided by your state’s alcoholic beverage control authority. Pay close attention to details, like deadlines and required fees.
  6.   Local permits: Check if your local municipality requires additional licenses. Some areas have extra hoops to jump through, like zoning approvals or health department clearances.
  7.   Public notice: In some cases, you’ll need to publish a notice in a local newspaper to inform the public about your intent to apply for a beer and wine license. Think of it as sending out invitations to your grand opening!
  8.   Waiting game: Brace yourself for a waiting period. The application process can take time, so be patient. Use this time to plan your beer and wine offerings and maybe practice your wine-tasting notes.
  9.   Inspections and interviews: You might have a visit from the licensing authority or an interview. Don’t worry — it’s not a pop quiz. They want to ensure your establishment complies with all the rules and regulations.
  10. License approval: Hooray! You’ve passed all the hurdles, and your beer and wine license is approved.
  11. Renewals and compliance: Keep an eye on your license expiration date and renew it on time. Compliance with alcohol laws is an ongoing commitment, so stay informed about any changes.

If you want to jump into the finer details, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau provides regulation information about beer and wine. With some patience and perseverance, you’ll be toasting to your beer and wine license success in no time. Cheers to your wine and beer adventures!

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