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The hospitality industry is very active and always changing, which is why it’s extremely important to differentiate in order to stand out from the crowd. Over the last 3 years, a new trend has been on the rise: self-pour beverage technology

In this article, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of the locations, powered by PourMyBeer, that have helped spread the self-pour revolution and bring the fun and freedom of self-pour to their towns or neighborhoods!

At this point, there are over 400 PourMyBeer-powered locations around the world, and the number is growing as you read this. Because of that, it’s a bit difficult to choose just a few customers to highlight. To make it a bit easier on ourselves, we broke this up into nine categories, and in each, we will mention a few locations, so you can get an idea of how unique and different the various self-pour locations can truly be!


Beasts and Brews

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Numbers of Taps: 99 (+1 secret tap!)

Taps Per Screen: 2

Beasts and Brews is a full-service restaurant located in the beautiful Colorado Springs. In addition to a regular restaurant and taproom, you can also find a butchery with delicious local picks. Beasts and Brews is a chef-driven concept with fresh, made from scratch, local food. When we say local, we mean local. They don’t offer a single item on their menu that is not produced in Colorado. The restaurant combines sophistication with a rustic feel and its best seats look out onto a beautiful view of the nearby Rocky Mountains. With a whopping 99 taps and 1 secret tap, all consisting of local beverages, you’ve got limitless chances to taste local Colorado craft beer, wines, ciders, kombucha, and even liquors! So if you want to take a tasting tour of Colorado raised meat, grown veggies, and embrace the taste of Colorado-based breweries, distilleries, and wineries, Beast and Brews is your place!

Curious to see what it looked like when these 99 taps were installed? Then check out the video below!

Barlow’s Public House

Location: Vancouver, WA

Numbers of Taps: 30

Taps Per Screen: 2

This beautiful sit-down restaurant is situated on the waterfront of the Vancouver river dividing Washington state and Oregon, making its clientele a good combination of visitors from both states, and sometimes also random passersby traveling on I-5. From their delicious selection of American burgers and their seafood dishes to Barlow’s heavenly chocolate mousse, their food is well worth coming on its own. Barlow’s is named after the adventurous entrepreneurial pioneer Sam Barlow. Opened in August 2019, they are proud of their southern-inspired menu, fresh craft beer made in Vancouver and dispensed by a PourMyBeer tap wall, and a large bourbon-inspired back bar. They also have an awesome outdoor deck with the best view of the mighty Columbia river and pride themselves on offering southern hospitality to their patrons.

Stanley Beer Hall 

Location: Denver, CO

Number of Taps: 37

Taps Per Screen: 1

Spend an hour at sunset on the patio and you will learn all you need to know about Stanley Beer Hall. Friends and families enjoy the views of the sun disappearing behind the Rockies’ snow-covered peaks while dining on a wide variety of southwestern-influenced, brewery-style cuisine. The Beer Hall won Denver’s “Burger Battle” in 2019, a competition between about 50 restauranteurs for the most creatively delicious burger. And to top it all off, its 37 PourMyBeer self-pour taps make sure to give customers an extra reason to come back. Starting with beers and ciders all the way to prosecco, margaritas, or even local bourbon! Just make sure to bring your designated driver along when planning a trip to Stanley Beer Hall! The restaurant is family-friendly with a self-pour station for children, ensuring that those below 21 can have fun as well!

Stanley Beer Hall has recently joined the family after switching to PourMyBeer from a less reliable self-pour technology provider. Check the video below to see how the retrofit went:

Bars & Taprooms

Tapster Wicker Park

Location: Chicago, IL

Number of Taps: 68

Taps Per Screen: 1-4

Tapster brings an awesome 68 self-pour setup to Chicago’s Wicker Park. Tapster is a frequently energetic gathering spot for friends to wind down and enjoy drinks of their choosing. They also host lots of events, including open mic comedy nights. Better yet, they get into the festive spirit every year by decorating their tap wall. In addition to their Wicker Park location, there is a Tapster closeby in Lincoln Park as well as all the way in Seattle.

Check out how much fun both locations of Tapster in Chicago are in the video below!

Hop Thief Tap House and Kitchen

Location: College Place, WA

Number of Taps: 50

Taps Per Screen: 2

Hop Thief Tap House and Kitchen has 50 delicious craft beers and a full menu of pizzas to go with them. There’s no better combination! Hop Thief also has a spacious outdoor patio, where customers can enjoy beautiful weather in warmer months while they eat and drink to their heart’s content.

Fountainhead Taproom

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee 

Numbers of Taps: 57 

Taps Per Screen: 2

Fountainhead is a taproom made by beer enthusiasts for beer enthusiasts. With 57 craft beers on tap for customers to try at any time, there’s something for everyone here. The owners, who called the South their home, moved back from the Midwest after many years of work. They decided to return to their roots and infused the values they grew up with into their new taproom. Fountainhead thus carries a tone of friendship, family, community, and a genuine love for beer.

Fountainhead Taproom in Chattanooga, TN, was featured on Let’s Chatt in Chattanooga, where owner Burt Casey got to talk about their 60-tap self-pour setup powered by PourMyBeer. Check it out here!

Navigator Taproom

Location: Chicago, IL

Number of Taps: 48

Taps Per Screen: 2

Located in a vibrant neighborhood of Chicago, Logan Square, Navigator boasts a beautiful tap wall with 48 craft beers, ciders, wines, kombucha, and even sake. Most unique about Navigator is its genuinely wholesome, friendly vibe. There are games, couches, and nice tables that encourage casual socializing. Parents feel happy to bring their kids here and people will often host birthday parties or similar events here.

Below is a video to show you just how much fun Navigator Taproom really is! 

Like many PourMyBeer family members, Navigator Taproom uses the draft system of our partners at Micro Matic. Check out the Navigator owner’s take on PourMyBeer and Micro Matic technology working together:

Off the Wall Taproom

Location: Honolulu, HI

Number of Taps: 21

Taps per screen: 1

Say aloha to one of the coolest PourMyBeer family members and one of the most unique eateries in Hawaii: Off the Wall Taproom. A few things that make this great place stand out are the delicious South American fusion cuisine, as well as some of the finest craft beers, wines, and ciders, all from local breweries and wineries. 

Check out how their beautiful place came alive in the video below!


Hedon Brewing

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Number of Taps: 30

Taps Per Screen: 2

Many people misunderstand hedonism. At Hedon Brewing, they make it not primarily about the individual, but rather about a community of individuals. Hedon Brewing is the place for those beer lovers who like to have a great time together and try to live every moment to the fullest. And with 30 craft beers on tap, there’s no better way to do it!

Wondering how to PourMyBeer the Hungarian way? Check it out!

Pour Brothers

Location: Beaumont, TX

Number of Taps: 16

Taps Per Screen: 2

Pour Brothers Brewery is a manufacturing craft beer brewery. The original idea came when 3 friends were playing a round of golf in 2016, and the official brand, Pour Brothers Brewery, LLC, was formed in September of the same year. After years of planning and hard work, they are now serving Beaumont brewed craft beer on self-pour taps. Better yet, they are a Certified Independent Craft Beer Brewery by the Brewer’s Association. 

District Brew Yards

Location: Chicago, IL

Number of Taps: 40

Taps Per Screen: 2

District Brew Yards is a craft beer lover’s dream. It is a brewery collective, with four craft brewers under one roof, all producing high-quality local Chicago beer. And they all serve their creations on District’s 40 self-pour taps, allowing customers to get a deliciously diverse drink experience in the same building where their beers are brewed! If you are looking to try out some delicious local Chicago beers, look no further!

Check out the video below to see what an awesome experience the PourMyBeer team had when they hosted an afterparty at District Brew Yards:

The Tap House

Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Number of Taps: 24 Taps 

Taps Per Screen: 2

The Tap House is the very first venue bringing the power of self-pour to Nottingham in the UK. The Tap House also specializes in delicious deep-pan pizzas. The pizzas are famously served as square slices and feature a gooey, doughy center and a crisp outer crust. And with 24 taps full of delicious beers, there’s no better combination!


Blast & Brew

Location: San Jose, CA

Number of Taps: 36

Taps Per Screen: 2

Blast & Brew takes the classic American combination of pizza and beer and elevates it to the next level. They bring sophistication to comfort food by making their pizza with high-quality ingredients, and offering some of the best craft beers you’ll find to go along with your meal, all on self-pour taps powered by PourMyBeer. The result is a high-quality food and drink experience that doesn’t leave out any of the passion of its creators!

Pizza Factory

Location: Winters, CA

Number of Taps: 12

Taps Per Screen: 3

The Pizza Factory prides itself on staying true to its roots and delivering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in addition to a great food and drink experience. Each and every pizza they make is hand-tossed and made with 100% mozzarella. Even better, the local craft brew lovers in Winters, California have made Pizza Factory into a must-visit destination for beer lovers, as they’ve got awesome craft beers on self-pour taps to go along with their best pies.


Location: Brooksville, FL

Number of Taps: 16

Taps Per Screen: 2

At Damico’s, you never have to sacrifice quality when you’re ordering out. All of Damico’s food, which includes a wide range of Italian cuisine, including pizza, is cooked fresh every single day to ensure every customer’s meal is authentic and high-quality. To match their great food, Damico’s also offers 16 craft beers on self-pour taps that perfectly complement the taste that will transport you straight to Italy!

Salerno Wood Fired Pizza & Taphouse

Location: Lexington, VA

Number of Taps: 30

Taps Per Screen: 2

This family-owned pizzeria offers classic pies, calzones, and pasta dishes in a family-friendly, casual environment with outdoor patio seating, and, you guessed it, their very own beverage wall! With various toppings and combinations to choose from, each pizza is made in an Italian style, wood-fired oven, creating the perfect, mouth-watering pie. To go along with their pizza, customers can also help themselves to Salerno’s 30 tap self-pour beverage wall where they can pour from a variety of beers or wines. With so many options to choose from, customers never leave disappointed and love coming back for more. Besides being able to bring family and friends to show them what the self-pour fun is all about, the guests can also purchase a 32oz. growler to pour, and continue to bring it back in for refills. What a great way to save the environment from all those cans and glass bottles! 


Good Burger

Location: Boise, Idaho

Number of Taps: 20

Taps Per Screen: 2

Having the ability to pour yourself a beverage while you casually dine can turn any meal into a fun, unique experience. Good Burger, in Boise, Idaho, brought a new element to their fast-casual establishment – a 20 tap beer wall. Good Burger lets customers dine at their own pace, whether they wish to make it a quick meal, or stay for a longer visit. 

This burger joint is a go-to place, as all of their food is locally-sourced and delivered fresh to each location. Not only does their food taste great, but it also benefits the community. Good Burger, aptly named, gives out free meals to those in need, and invests in local placement programs for individuals looking to learn important life skills. 

This burger joint is a go-to place, as all of their food is locally-sourced and delivered fresh to each location. Not only does their food taste great, but it also benefits the community. Good Burger, aptly named, gives out free meals to those in need, and invests in local placement programs for individuals looking to learn important life skills. 

Plucked Chicken & Beer

Location: Pleasanton, California

Number of Taps: 12

Taps Per Screen: 2

Plucked Chicken & Beer is a local fried chicken restaurant that offers a unique twist on the typical southern fried chicken and barbeque. With a savory, chicken-focused menu, their food keeps customers coming back for more. This family-friendly restaurant offers a variety of wings, chicken sandwiches, fries, and more! They even have a vegetarian chicken substitute, so there is truly something for everyone. Along with good food, they also have a great selection of local craft brews on their self-pour taps. Locals love the ability to taste by the ounce while waiting for their food.

Bigfoot Taphouse

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Number of Taps: 48

Taps Per Screen: 2

When it comes to eating out, the dining experience is just as important as the quality of your food, and Bigfoot Taphouse is one place that perfects the art of both! As a family-owned and operated taphouse and restaurant, Bigfoot Taphouse offers customers delicious and high-quality fast-casual food. This includes a wide variety of gourmet hot dogs to go along with their 48 tap beverage wall where patrons can pour themselves beer, wine, and even specialty cocktails!

Food Halls

The Bank

Location: Sacramento, CA

Number of Taps: 68

Taps Per Screen: 1

Built out of the building of an old bank, The Bank, aptly named, has an extremely unique feel you just won’t find anywhere else. The regal architecture is preserved and has been repurposed into a unique food hall with several kitchens. A pleasant and luxurious Mezzanine overlooks the bars and an extensive self-pour tap wall allows customers to take control of their drinking experience. Check out the video below to get an idea of how unique The Bank really is!

Craft Food Hall Project

Location: Lexington, MA

Number of Taps: 30

Taps Per Screen: 3

Craft Food Hall Project is an interactive sous-vide food hall where customers can explore the best in food for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. In addition, a PourMyBeer powered self-pour tap wall gives guests the ability to sample many different and elevated offerings from all over the world. Some of the best craft beers and wines available make for a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. With Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, and a variety of other games and activities, guests are able to create their own fun!

Broadway Market

Location: Denver, CO

Number of Taps: 24

Taps Per Screen: 3

Broadway Market, located at the heart of Denver, was opened as a community gathering place and a celebration of Denver’s best chefs. Their eight highly acclaimed chefs have each created a unique menu allowing guests to experience a wide variety of amazing cuisines in a single dining experience. Come hungry! Guests can pair the wide selection of food with 24 self-pour local microbrews available at a PourMyBeer self-tap wall, and with that, the experience options become infinite! 

Broadway Market pushes the bar even further by integrating our self-pour technology with Bottoms Up. Check out the video below to see what happens when these two cool technologies integrate together!


Coyote Valley Casino

Location: Redwood, CA

Number of Taps: 101

Taps Per Screen: 2 

Coyote Valley Casino has everything you could wish for in a fun casino. It has a state of the art showroom, the newest and coolest slot machines, blackjack and poker tables, poker room, 2 dining options, and our largest taproom install to date with an amazing 101 taps! Yes, you heard that right, 101 taps, offering all the best beverages that California has to offer, from delicious craft beers originated all over the state, to ciders, seltzers and, of course, well-known wines from Napa Valley.

The Book at the LINQ Hotel

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Number of Taps: 24

Taps Per Screen: 2

The Book is the ultimate sports venue, and the best place to watch any and all games of your choice. There are over 50 TVs, great food specifically made for games, and Vegas’ biggest LED video wall! And to complete the experience, customers can take control of their drinking experience by sampling a selection of 24 craft beers on self-pour taps.

Grocery Stores

Whole Foods 

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Number of Taps: 16

Taps Per Screen: 2

Whole Foods brings the revolutionary self-pour drink experience to the world-favorite grocery store. Customers at Whole Foods are able to enjoy 16 beers, wines, and ciders on self-pour taps in a unique taproom integrated within the store. This allows customers to shop and drink delicious beverages whenever they like! This is also one of 3 Whole Foods locations utilizing the power of self-pour technology, the other two being in Richmond and Tysons, Virginia.

H MART Honolulu

Location: Honolulu, HI

Number of Taps: 30

Taps Per Screen: 2

H Mart, the largest Asian supermarket chain in the US, is bringing the power of self-pour technology to beautiful Hawaii. Their self-pour beverage wall powered by PourMyBeer has 30 beverages for guests to taste and sample from, pouring as much or as little as they’d like. H Mart Honolulu installed a direct draw system, which is the most common draft system set up by the PourMyBeer team and we highly recommend it!

A’s Pub at McLanahan’s

Location: State College, PA

Number of Taps: 20

Taps Per Screen: 2

McLanahan’s Downtown Market was started by the Agostinelli family and was the first full-service grocery store to operate in the area. The market offers only fresh produce and food, and has been recently revamped to include a cafe as well. The market also added A’s pub, a self-pour bar within the store itself! Customers can shop while enjoying delicious local self-pour beers. Who says grocery shopping can’t be fun?

Arcades & Bowling Alleys

The CraftCade

Location: Bismarck, ND

Number of Taps: 20

Taps Per Screen: 2

The CraftCade’s specialties are in the name: great craft beers and awesome arcade games! They lean into the retro 80s arcade-style, offering classics like Space Invaders and Pac-Man Royale. They’ve got great food as well, including New York-style pizza and gourmet beef franks. And there’s nothing better to go along with it like self-pour craft beers, powered by PourMyBeer.

The Alley

Location: Alberta, Canada

Number of Taps: 22

Taps Per Screen: 2

The Alley is Fort McMurray’s first and only family entertainment center, with a full bowling alley and an awesome arcade. They’re the perfect place to bring a few friends for a great time, or even host a party! They’ve got an awesome premium pub-style food menu, complemented by a 22-tap self-pour wall full of great craft brews.


Hilton Chicago: West Loop

Location: Chicago, IL

Number of Taps: 18

Taps Per Screen: 2-3

The Hampton by Hilton in Chicago’s vibrant West Loop is surely a very nice hotel, but what sets it apart from the crowd is the mobile beer wall. This kegerator offers 6 awesome craft beers on self-pour taps, allowing customers to use their hotel card to gain access and pour to their heart’s content. And since it’s mobile, the hotel can move it from its current location in the lobby to wherever works best! In addition, they also have a fixed PourMyBeer wall in the lobby, providing easy access for all their hotel guests. 

The Kinney San Luis Obispo

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Number of Taps: 16 

Taps Per Screen: 4

From Pacifica Hotels, The Kinney invites you to embrace your inner coed, bringing cultivated on- and off-campus vibes to the forefront. They have beautiful rooms and plenty of amenities that will give you reasons to stay in. Arguably the best of these is Leroy’s, a hotel bar with frequent beer tasting events, and of course a PourMyBeer setup with 16 craft beers for self-pour enjoyment!

Military Bases

Nellis Air Force Base

Location: NV

Number of Taps: 6

Taps Per Screen: 2

We are always happy to be able to provide some self-pour fun to U.S. troops, and Nellis Air Force Base is one of several U.S. Military bases with our tech! This base has a beautiful golf course where we have a mobile beer wall/kegerator. With it, officers can enjoy 6 craft beers at a time while golfing!

Camp Smedley Butler

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Number of Taps: 30

Taps Per Screen: 1

Camp Smedley Butler is located in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. There are a number of facilities and satellite installations that are included in the camp’s territory. This military base has been bringing the freedom of self-pour and happiness by the ounce to the servicemen since 2016. The self-pour unit is often set up during larger events, and they are able to sell 3 times more beer when compared to traditional beverage dispensing. Best of all, soldiers have been loving the concept because it’s convenient and easy to use.

We hope you liked these highlights of some of our favorite PourMyBeer family members and that you enjoyed learning how diverse establishments empowered with self-pour walls can really be. That’s the beauty of PourMyBeer: we adapt to the customer! Whatever the location and whatever the venue type, we can make it work. We have even supported setups like a self-pour truck and a self-pour train car! Now, it is also becoming more common to see self-pour units (typically kegerators) incorporated in office spaces and even private venues or apartments. 

If you happen to have an idea for your own self-pour adventure, don’t hesitate to share that with us, and we can help you get it started! For more inspiration of what your wall could look like, check out the video below.

Self-Pour Operations “Do’s” and “Dont’s”

Curious to learn what really sets self-pour establishments up for success? As a leader of the self-pour revolution, PourMyBeer has helped over 370 businesses across 24 countries to bring self-pour fun to their communities and neighborhoods. Based on our experience with opening so many different establishments of various types, we have created some basic  “Do’s” and “Dont’s” when opening up a self-pour business.

Simply fill out the form below to download our guide, cheers!

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Finally, if you happen to have any questions, reach out to us at cheers@pourmybeer.com, (312) 416-9989, or simply click the button to fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.


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