Self-Serve Automation Best Practices

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When people hear automation is coming to their workplace, they may get nervous. They wonder if they’ll be training a machine to take over their job or find themselves looking for work sooner rather than later. However, as automated processes become more common in every industry, you need them to keep up with your competitors.

You already know your team is invaluable. The key, then, is learning how automation can enhance and improve your employees’ productivity and presenting it to your team as a tool, not a co-worker or replacement.

What Automation Means for Restaurants

The growing self-serve market is all about efficiency. Today’s customer expects service faster than ever. They’ve grown accustomed to a world where technology delivers results in a fraction of a second. If your business isn’t ready to keep up, your customers will find somewhere else that is. At a restaurant, automating your services allows you to assist your guests more quickly.

Essentially, self-serve automation works by completing the same functions that your business needs to run, but in a fraction of the time. Self-serve automation frees up the attention of your staff so that they can be present in other areas of the operation.  

With automation, a patron can enter your location, read the menu, and order as soon as they’re ready or get in line for a self-serve drink. Flagging down wait staff and waiting to get to a table is a thing of the past. Instead, your team will be ready to bring out a customer’s food at a moment’s notice.

Automation Helps Promote Discounts and Offers

Another perk of automating your system is the ability to automate your discounts per tap. For example, say you run a Happy Hour sale every weekday from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. When you enter that information into your PourMyBeer system, it will update your tap’s prices at 5 p.m. every Monday through Friday, letting your patrons get their drink at the price they expect. When 6 o’clock rolls around, the system readjusts the price so everyone can go back to enjoying drinks at their regular prices without a hitch.

Even outside of happy hours, there are so many promotions you can run through your self-serve taps:

  • Football Sunday discounts
  • Thirsty Thursday treats
  • Girls night out
  • Trivia night deals

Ease of Operation

Whatever you do, there’s one thing everyone can agree on —  anything you can do to optimize work performance and make things a bit easier on your staff is a welcome idea. When you automate your system, you’re not automating the creative, ever-evolving parts of your process. You’re taking care of the repetitive, manual tasks your employees would rather avoid.

In any place where alcohol is served, pouring beers is one of these mundane tasks. Bartenders waste their time-fighting foam and pouring samples when they could be making cocktails, washing dishes, or doing other higher-value work. The self-serve concept lets your team create a better workflow with fewer tasks, allowing them to focus wholly on the duties left at hand.

Not Convinced? Read Our Case Studies!

At PourMyBeer, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses like yours worldwide who have seen our self-serve concepts in action. You don’t have to take our word for it when we tell you our draft system will revolutionize your workload. Simply read our case studies for yourself, then contact us to start your service! 

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