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The Products

The Magic Box

Fitted for Built-in & Mobile Walls and Tables

Self-service at its finest

The Magic Box, So simple it's practically magic

Why is it magic you ask?

  • Masterfully engineered in a heavy duty commercial grade shell.
  • Touch screens, RFID reader & writer/ PCB Boards/ Quick connect flow control/ Jiminy Cricket – its all in there.
  • The entire box is built and assembled by our engineers – No cheap consumer grade tablets here folks.
  • We ship these boxes all over the World, customers can plug them in and BOOM – they are up in running.
  • They don’t need to be connected to a network or server to work (Never at risk for downtime).
PourMyBeer Dimensions

Fully Customizable. 100% Efficient.

Building a new establishment and looking for the perfect attraction? The Magic Box delivers. Easily serve every beer on draught with 1, 2, 3, or 4 taps per screen.

Self-service at it’s finest.

Self Serving Beer Table
Pacifico Beer


  • The Magic Box displays consumer data & brand details right on the screen.
  • The Magic Box can be fitted into whatever wall finish or table-top your establishment currently has - whether it's stone, wood, brick…you name it!

Every unit is outfitted with RFID Readers.

Your customers simply place and leave their RFID card in the holder under the screen. They now have access to the brands that are designated to that screen, pour and enjoy

The card keeps track of every ounce of beer, wine, cocktail, coffee, kombucha poured per guest.

You never have a wasted drop and your guests get the freedom to sample any of the drinks on tap without committing to a full glass. It’s a win-win!"


PourMyBeer in use PourMyBeer Pizza Shop PourMyBeer in Bar Using PourMyBeer Carib Beer PourMyBeer PourMyBeer Possibilities PourMyBeer on draft PourMyBeer Modelo

Simple. Fun. Effective. Drives Business.

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