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Our Self-Serve Beer System

Discover the many features of the PourMyBeer system.

The PourMyBeer system is an innovative & revolutionary new way to pour your own beer.

With over 200 machines installed over the past three years, we've been helping businesses increase their revenue and draw new customers with our exciting, unique, fun self-serve beer stations. Click one of the links above to learn some specifics, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Self-Serve Beer System

Eliminate profit loss, drive business and increase sales all with the self-serve beer system. This system can be installed at dining tables or on a wall, and it can put the power of choice into your customer’s hands.

Did you know that giving away free tastes and samples of beer and over pouring can cost your company roughly $142 of profit loss for each and every keg tapped? With the self-serve beer system, this profit loss is eliminated as every ounce the customer pours is recorded and charged — whether they choose to sample a few ounces of each beer or have a few pints.

Drive Business With More Than Just A Novelty

You may think it is just the novelty of the self-serve beer system that drives business and that once people have become accustomed to this system, the business will slow. However, this is not the case. The truth is this system drives business because it gives your customer power and freedom.

Rather than waiting for their bartender or server to acknowledge they are in need of another beer, your customers have the power to pour their own. They are also afforded the freedom of tasting and even combining any beers they want — an option that many bars, restaurants, cruise lines and stadiums do not provide.

These benefits will keep your customers happy and coming back, often bringing new customers along to share in their delight.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

You know bar sales are important to the overall profit revenue of your establishment, but did you know allowing your customers to pour their own drinks could actually increase your sales and profit margins rather than decreasing them?

Without the self-pour beer system, when your customer decides they would like another beverage, they must wait for their bartender or server to acknowledge them, get their drink and deliver it to the table. In this waiting period customers are more likely to change their minds about ordering another beverage, effectively reducing your overall sales. They are also more likely to leave feeling unsatisfied or ignored.

When you take away the waiting period and allow your customers to serve themselves, they are more likely to continue drinking, thus increasing your total sales.

Enjoy a Quick ROI Turnaround

Each self-serve beer system comes equipped with one, two, three or four taps, which are connected to The Magic Box — an automated screen that keeps track of each ounce of alcohol a person pours. The machine accomplishes this through the use of personal RFID cards. These cards are placed in the RFID reader attached to The Magic Box and allow the customer to pour as much as they want of any of the beers attached to that screen. The ounces are tracked on the card so the customer pays for exactly what they pour. The process is simple to avoid customer confusion.

The more taps you choose to attach to each screen, the less expensive the system becomes for your company. After only two to three kegs through each line, your systems will have easily paid for themselves, thanks to the profit losses that are eliminated. This automated system removes human error, so you will never again have to worry about a forgotten beer on an open tab or a wasted pour.

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Whether you are interested in mobile tables, mobile beer or wine walls, built-in tables, built in beer or wine walls or a completely customized design, PourMyBeer has you covered with all of your self-serve beer system needs. Request your free quote online to get started.

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