How Self-Pour Systems Enhance Customer Experience

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Self-pour systems enhance the customer experience by allowing individuals to pour their own drinks without waiting for a server to help them. Many customers prefer contactless service where they don’t need to interact with another person. Your customers will enjoy walking over to a self-pour beverage wall and pouring their drinks independently, as this puts them in control of their time and money.

Operators like you can save on labor and overhead costs when you add a self-pour system to your establishment. You eliminate the need for servers with self-help touch screens and easy-to-use taps. The PourMyBeer system doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, so you don’t lose money if the power is out — and because customers pay per ounce, you don’t lose on tester drinks or spillages either. 

Create a Happy Self-Pour Customer Experience

Self-pour technology creates satisfied customer experiences by fostering ease of use and efficiency. The versatility of a self-pour system opens up a whole new world to consumers, allowing them to explore your available drinks without overwhelming your staff. Customers can try various beverages whenever they choose and be free to leave whenever they want. 

Self-Pour Technology Helps With Efficient Serving

A busy establishment demands your staff’s time and attention. They often have to run to and from several tables to serve customers, forcing patrons to wait for their drinks. With self-pour technology, customers can take matters into their own hands. They can buy small amounts of different beverages and test them before buying a standard serving.

This freedom can encourage customers to sample and purchase more due to the variety of choices at their disposal. With clients able to get their own drinks, servers have more time for customer service and can atend to your patrons’ other needs.

Self-Pour Systems Streamline Operations

Visiting your bar or restaurant is how most of your customers let off some steam. When they decide to have drinks or try new ones, they may be apprehensive if they think the staff are too busy or they’ll have to wait for their orders. Their apprehension may also kick in if they don’t know what a new drink tastes like and want to taste test before buying a whole glass.

With self-pour walls, you can simplify your entire beverage system. You won’t lose money on free testers, overpouring, or returned drinks. Customers control the whole process because they can consult the information on the screen to read the drink descriptions before pouring. They can also purchase and pour whenever and as many times as they wish.

The Touch Screen and Point-of-Sale (POS) System Are Easy to Use

For maximum customer satisfaction and experience, wall devices are fitted with industrial-strength casings. The devices can be left on comfortably for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and feature easy-to-understand touch screens. Customers can see the screen and follow the instructions given. Other features include the following:

  1. Bold on-screen logos: Customers can tap on the logos of different beverages and read the flavor notes and more. 
  2. Personalized touch screens: The touch screens show customers how much they’ve poured in ounces. They also display how far customers are from their two-drink limit. 
  3. Innovative technology built-in: The touch screens display the customer’s pour amount in dollars and have no latency, so they work in real-time.
  4. Agnostic POS system: The POS system is fully integrated and universal, working with almost all major POS providers.

Creating Customer Loyalty With Self-Pour Technology

Installing self-pour systems is a great way to bring more foot traffic to your establishment, but you want to ensure customers return. This is why you want to connect with thousands of users, which can help you drive sales and keep loyal customers. For example, millennial consumers prefer the independence that a self-pour wall gives them due to their love of experiences over material items — and they also love to connect with their peers. 

Millennials use social media frequently to share their experiences and learn about new ones. You can leverage this market and appeal to their preference for social media by using Untappd for Business.

Untappd for Business Can Help You Retain Customers

Untappd for Business is an application that allows your establishment to market to the thousands of beer drinkers in and around your city. On the consumer side, Untappd is a social platform app designed specifically for avid beer fans. When people log into the Untappd app, they can post what beer they drank, where they drank it, and whether they liked it. The platform is essentially an electronic beer journal.

PourMyBeer saw the potential that Untappd could bring bars and restaurants that host our technology and partnered with Untappd for Business in 2018. When you add a new beer brand to your menu screens, it blasts onto the Untappd social app, letting thousands of beer fans know you’ve added a new product. Enthusiasts can visit your store, tag your business, and post where they drank their favorite beer, letting others know where they can also get beer using an easy self-pour system. 

Choose PourMyBeer for Your Self-Pour Systems

Integrating self-pour walls into your bar or restaurant is a strategic way to differentiate yourself from competitors and help your bottom line. You can reduce your staff intake by up to 20%, increase net profits by 45% or more, and decrease your product waste to less than 3% while being four times more efficient. A self-pour section also increases your usable space by up to 10%, allowing for more income possibilities or attractive displays. 

PourMyBeer is the leader in the self-serve beverage market, as we consistently outperform competitors. We engineer our system with customer satisfaction and ease of use in mind. Our self-pour technology builds on the shortcomings of every self-pour system out there so that you get the best in the industry. 

Fill out our online form to request a free quote. To access our case studies, submit your details, and we’ll gladly contact you. You can also call us at (312) 416-9989 or email us at, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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