6 Reasons Why Self-pour Tech Is A Great Solution in the Pandemic World

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The recent COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need and trend toward technological innovation for the hospitality industry to provide safe dining experiences. In addition to implementing things like online ordering at the table, the required shutdowns of most dine-in restaurants around the country are forcing many to stretch their limits and rely on support from customers to keep them running. But, as things slowly begin to open up again, what kinds of establishments will be in the best position to serve customers safely? Here we will provide you with some great restaurant owner resources to ensure that you are running your bar or restaurant as safely as possible.

Self-pour beverage walls operated with gloves or tissues present a much safer way to show customers a good time compared to a traditional bar. 

Helping Bars Maintain Social Distancing & Reduce Touchpoints

Self-pour beverage walls avoid creating crowds, as the wait time is eliminated and every customer can serve themselves whenever they want in whatever quantities they want. This pay-per-ounce model also leads to increased efficiency. 

Depending on the establishment’s POS, 1 to 2 touchpoints occur during an outing. These touchpoints happen when:

  • Checking in (age verification and receiving PourMyBeer card)
  • Checking out (certain POS systems)
Sanitized & Clean Tap on Beer Wall

Traditional bars tend to get overcrowded, and this makes it difficult for customers to respect social distancing since everyone tries to order from the same bartender simultaneously. 

With a traditional beverage dispense method, somewhere between 6 and 8 touchpoints are effectively guaranteed to happen in a given outing: 

  • Checking in with the host/hostess
  • Customer receiving the menu
  • Passing napkins and straws
  • Receiving food and drinks (on an average visit, this happens 2-4 times)
  • Getting the bill
  • Passing the credit card to pay
  • Signing the receipt
Busy Bar without Social Distancing

Learn more about the basic benefits of self-pour here. 

As the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 outbreak, the hospitality industry will need to make sure customers feel safe and ensure that everything will be sanitized and clean whenever they visit their favorite establishments. There are a number of ways in which businesses with self-pour technology will have an advantage in maintaining the environments for their customers safer, healthier, and also more fun! Now, let’s look into these in more detail:

1. The Number of Staff Interactions with a Given Patron is Reduced

Self-pour technology has a simple one-step check-in process, while a traditional bar requires the patron to talk to a bartender or waiter/waitress every time they want to order. Since COVID has a base reproduction rate of over 2, traditional bar activity can exponentially increase the rate of infection when patrons interact with potentially infected bartenders. With self-pour, customers serve themselves (it’s in the name!) This effectively cuts out that additional interaction with every drink order and allows the customer to interact directly with the dispensing machine.

To hear what customers have to say about PourMyBeer’s self-pour experience during COVID-19, check out the video below!

2. Busy or Concentrated Areas Are Eliminated

A traditional bar is likely to have crowding around the bar area while people wait for their drinks, which can make social distancing difficult or impossible. At self-pour beverage walls, the customers get their next drink without waiting. This means they are much less likely to crowd the drink area because they can approach the beverage wall whenever they feel that it is safe.  

Note: We highly recommend for our customers to put up signage encouraging patrons to respect social distancing at the beer wall by utilizing graphics like this or similar.

PourMyBeer 6 Feet Apart Signange

3. Efficiency Is Increased as More Customers Serve Themselves Simultaneously

Several people can be at the beverage wall and far enough from one another to respect social distancing, while still being able to serve themselves as often as they want. At a traditional bar, efficiency is likely to decrease as a few bartenders are required to serve many customers while also taking measures to respect their own social distancing rules.

Social Distancing at a Taproom & Brewery

4. Staffing Challenges are Eliminated, Which Leads to Simplified Operations

While operating during COVID-19, you must run your operations as efficiently as possible to save money. This is where self-pour technology comes into play as a great solution. Since self-pour technology requires less staff to successfully and safely operate your bar or restaurant, there will be fewer staffing challenges. Self-pour technology will allow you to run your operations more smoothly and efficiently while saving labor costs. 

Restaurants and bars typically have a higher turnover rate than other industries because it’s hard to keep good bartenders and other staff members. During this “new normal,” it’s even more challenging to find and keep good staff because of ongoing government shutdowns and updates for hours of operations. Jobs in the hospitality industry are currently unsteady, so former hospitality workers are staying away. With self-pour technology, you will no longer struggle with staffing issues, which will save you time, money, and several headaches down the road. Self-pour beverage wall helps simplify operations and increase your efficiency, leading to increased profits and happier customers. 

5. Flow Of Your Customers In and Out Is Maximized Even As We Adjust to a Post Pandemic World

With capacity in many places reduced to as low as 50%, you will want to rotate through your customers as quickly as possible. With multiple customers able to pour their own drinks at the same time, people will leave happier and quicker. Since customers will move through the buying cycle faster, therefore increasing your ability to serve more patrons, you can increase your profit potential during business hours. 

6. With Reduced Capacity, Self-Pour Allows Space Optimization Due to its Simpler Layout

With social distancing rules likely to be in effect for a while, your restaurant’s layout during this pandemic is crucial. Food and drink establishments will need to make the best use of their floor plan and space to ensure customers can maintain distance from one another. Self-pour setups are very space-efficient and often integrate into walls, leaving much more room for customers to spread out safely. Also, it is important to consider how to arrange seating at your restaurant. Remember that all tables should have at least 6 feet between them to respect social distancing rules.

Auggie's Experience With Reopening

The PourMyBeer team had the opportunity to speak to John Felico, the owner of Auggie’s Draft Room, a restaurant and self-pour taproom in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. John shared his experience with reopening Auggie’s in a post-COVID world, and explained the strategies he continues to employ in order to keep his customers safe at his establishment. Learn about John’s strategies by watching the video below!

Once the COVID-19 crisis stabilizes, the road to normalcy will be a long one and the hospitality industry will need to take many precautions to maintain the safety of its customers. As covered above, there are many perks and advantages to self-pour beverage walls, and we hope that everyone in the PourMyBeer family will capitalize on them.

Here When You Need Us

As always, we encourage everyone to stay safe and continue practicing social distancing even after things begin to stabilize, as well as maintain great hygiene to be thorough. If you have any other questions about PourMyBeer, please feel free to contact us at cheers@pourmybeer.com or (312) 416-9989.

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*The recommendations above have been written to the best of our knowledge after interviewing our customers and conducting research from reputable sources, such as the CDC, WHO, and FDA. We advise you to visit their websites to stay up to date on the latest guidelines.*


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