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The Benefits

Fun, effective, simple, profitable.

Dollars & Sense

Customers Pay for every drop

Every keg poured through our systems saves you an industry average of 23% per keg, versus waste & giveaway seen from your typical bar. That's about $142.60 in savings per keg. Customers can sample any beer they wish, but every drop they pour will be paid for.

Happier customers = more sales

When your customers don’t have to wait for service, that equates to a natural increase in beer sales - anywhere from 10-25%. We also offer wine by the ounce systems.

Pays for itself

In many cases, the return on the cost per line is as little as 2 - 3 kegs poured. Additionally, there is a distinct but intangible value in the Beer Wall or Beer Table, as they drive talk value, new business and customer curiosity.

Customers love choice

With no need to commit to a full pint, your patrons can try it, then buy it! Plus, you can add more taps to your establishment any time to meet the growing demand for more flavors. Plus, we even offer wine by the glass systems where legal.

Large-scale purchases

Want to purchase equipment on a larger scale, but cannot get Cap Ex approved? We can do this with no capital outlay! Pourmybeer is the only company in the self-serve space that offers this unique service. Learn how we can help

Drive deals, make sales

Take advantage of back-end support service, again only available at PourMyBeer, where we can drive deals to push through sales volume on the units and increase your food sales!
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Comprehensive reports

Our comprehensive reports help you see what's working, what's not, and how your customers are interacting with your brand and establishment. Various report types are available.

Who, what, where, when

Add our technology partner's ID Scanner and you automatically track who's visiting your bar, when they’re visiting, what they're drinking, and which location they're frequenting. You can use this information to appropriately market your establishment, run specials, track & reward loyalty and hold events you know your customers want.

System Support

24/7 Tech support

The Pour My Beer team offers 24/7 tech support from three offices located on two coasts. If there's ever an issue with your systems, we’ll be there to help at the drop of a hat.

Secure data, easy access

Your onsite database will be swept every 5 minutes to ensure you never lose the information our system system has gathered. The data is saved in our cloud database for easy access whenever you need it.

Custom POS Integration

We are already integrated with 5 different POS companies and are open to integrating with yours if we aren't already. It's just a matter of connecting our API to theirs and the two systems work as one.

Simple. Fun. Effective. Drives Business.

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