5 Reasons Why Self-pour Tech Is A Great Addition To Your Business

Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Self-pour beverage walls allow operators to run their establishment more efficiently with less staff while maximizing beverage sales!

COVID-19 accelerated the trend toward technological innovation in the hospitality industry to provide efficient dining experiences for consumers. Self-pour technology provides operators with an automated solution to maximize beverage sales while reducing the number of staff needed compared to a traditional bar.

We know that during this time it’s hard to find and keep good wait staff. Hospitality workers are choosing to transition into other (seemingly) more stable industries. But we have the perfect solution for you! Self-pour beverage walls eliminate staffing challenges as less staff is needed to operate your business efficiently. You will save on labor costs, decrease product waste, and increase beverage sales!

Hear what an experienced operator has to say about how self-pour technology helped eliminate staffing issues at his establishment below!

"We are experiencing the same challenges hiring staff the rest of our industry is experiencing in this labor shortage. Fortunately, we use a PourMyBeer self-tap alcohol delivery system. This allows us to serve more guests per employee than a traditional full-service restaurant. Our servers have the capacity to serve a significantly increased number of guests. This is due to the fact that guests “self-serve” all of their beverages freeing the servers to focus on taking food orders and giving great customer service."

Jim Wright - Operates 4 PourMyBeer Venues: Stanley Beer Hall, The Golden Mill, Malcolm Yards, and Broadway Market

Learn more about the basic benefits of self-pour here. 

5 Reasons Why Self-Pour Tech Is a Great Addition to any business


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PourMyBeer 5 Reasons mobile- July 2021 Update

As the world recovers and more people are getting vaccinated, they are excited to be out and explore new spots to catch up with friends and family. Since the hospitality industry has been hit extremely hard throughout the last two years, establishments need to find automated solutions to overcome the staffing crisis while continuing to make sales. Let’s discuss the ways self-pour can help your business!

1. Efficiency Increases as More Customers Serve Themselves Simultaneously

Several guests can pour drinks at the same time. Guests can serve themselves as often as they want, without ever having to wait for a drink. It is also in their control to approach the self-pour wall when they feel most comfortable.

PourMyBeer self-pour beverage wall

At a traditional bar, efficiency is likely to decrease as several bartenders are required to serve customers. At a bar, guests can ask for free samples, which takes away time from the server and also cuts into your beverage costs. Thanks to self-pour, every ounce is tracked and accounted for, meaning you’ll never lose out on sales due to free samples or over-pours!

2. Maximize Customer Flow

To make up for the lost time and revenue the pandemic caused, you will want to rotate through your customers as quickly as possible. With multiple customers pouring their drinks simultaneously, people will leave happier and quicker. Since customers will move through the buying cycle faster, you can serve more customers in a shorter period, increasing your profit potential during business hours.

At a traditional bar, to get customers in and out of your doors quickly, you would need an abundance of staff. Bartenders would need to be on top of taking and pouring drinks. At this time, it is difficult to find and keep good wait staff, so properly staffing to maximize the flow of customers would be nearly impossible.

Check out this video from Tap Society to see how guests can approach the wall as often as they wish!

3. Staffing Challenges are Eliminated, Which Leads to Simplified Operations

While recovering from the pandemic, you must run your operations as efficiently as possible to save money. This is where self-pour technology comes into play as a great solution. Since self-pour technology requires less staff to successfully and safely operate your bar or restaurant, there will be fewer staffing challenges. Self-pour technology will allow you to run your operations more smoothly and efficiently while saving labor costs.

Restaurants and bars typically have a higher turnover rate than other industries because it’s hard to keep good bartenders and other staff members. Jobs in the hospitality industry are currently unsteady, so former hospitality workers are staying away. With self-pour technology, you will no longer struggle with staffing issues, which will save you time, money, and several headaches down the road. A self-pour beverage wall helps simplify operations and increase your efficiency, leading to increased profits and happier customers. 

4. Avoid Creating Crowds

Self-pour technology has a simple one-step check-in process, while a traditional bar requires the patron to talk to a bartender or waiter/waitress every time they want to order or stand at a packed bar. 

A traditional bar is likely to have to crowd around the bar area while people wait for their drinks. At self-pour beverage walls, customers get their next drink without waiting. This means they are much less likely to crowd the drink area because they can approach the beverage wall whenever they want!

Traditional bars tend to get overcrowded, and this makes it difficult for customers get drinks in an efficient manner.

Self-pour beverage walls avoid creating crowds, as the wait time is eliminated and every customer can serve themselves whenever they want in whatever quantities they want. This pay-per-ounce model also leads to increased efficiency. 

Traditional bars

With a traditional beverage dispense method, somewhere between 6 and 8 touchpoints are effectively guaranteed to happen in a given outing: 

  • Checking in with the host/hostess
  • Customer receiving the menu
  • Passing napkins and straws
  • Receiving food and drinks (on an average visit, this happens 2-4 times)
  • Getting the bill
  • Passing the credit card to pay
  • Signing the receipt
Busy traditional bar with long wait times

Self-Pour beverage walls

  • Checking in (age verification and receiving PourMyBeer card)
  • Checking out (certain POS systems)

To hear what customers have to say about PourMyBeer’s self-pour, check out the video below!

5. Optimize Space of the Establishment

Self-pour setups are very space-efficient and often integrate into walls, meaning they fit into a variety of venue types! Whether you have an entertainment venue, pizzeria, grocery store, or another venue type, our self-pour technology can be customized to fit into your space! With easy integration into a wall, self-pour saves you space, unlike a bulky traditional bar. 

Malcolm Yards Experience With self-pour

Malcolm Yards in Minneapolis, MN, is taking advantage of the benefits self-pour brings. Malcolm Yards is home to a 32 tap self-pour beverage wall and a 48 tap traditional bar. When comparing the total revenue from their self-pour taps to their bar, they found some astonishing numbers.

In this case, you will learn which setup (traditional or self-pour) brings in most of their total alcohol revenue, where most of their pours come from, and how much staff is needed to operate each. We don’t want to spoil any more, so fill out the form below to read the whole case.

Infographic of beverage wall vs traditional bar

To access the case study, fill out the form below.

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