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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is this legal?
You are only giving your customers access to 32 ounces of beer or 12 ounces of wine at a time. We’ve done all the heavy lifting and received approval from the majority of the States Liquor authorities.
How does it work?
Your customers secure an RFID card after giving you an ID to ensure age verification and a credit card to ensure payment. They can now either pre-pay for a dollar amount or open a tab to pay when they are done. We limit their consumption to 2 drinks (32 oz of beer or 12 oz of wine at a time) As they approach their limit, your staff can recharge the patrons' cards at our terminal. Learn More Here
Why PourMyBeer?
Our systems are so simple to install, a 6 year old can do it. Don't believe us? Check out this video. We've never had our systems replaced by a competitor's. No one else can honestly say that. Here is an example of a retrofit. We are integrated with Micros, Square and a number of other POS systems. No one else can honestly say that either. In short, our team and products are awesome and we love what we do.
What's the difference between mobile and built-in units?
A mobile wine/beer wall or beer table is a completely self-contained beer system including fobs, faucets, cooling as well as our technology embedded into the units. Mobile units are ideal for easy install requiring nothing more than a 110v plug and a cat5 connection coming from the units to the Beer Card Management system or Staff Controller (This is where Beer Tables and Beer Cards are activated so customers can access taps).

Built-in Versions typically require more project management from our end since you are either including it in your drawings or in the process of a renovation. Our Team is by far the most experienced at assisting in this process. Experience on our end allows you to have a clear picture of how our piece of the puzzle easily fits into your business.

Where are your products made?
While the hardware and software is owned and created by the team with PourMyBeer, we chose to partner with a company in Austria on building the custom hardware and software. With continued growth, there are various elements of the product being made by several teams spread out around the United States and Austria.
How quickly can you deliver and install your mobile units?
We need 4-6 weeks from the receipt of deposit, and the actual installation is typically a 2-3 hour process followed by an hour of staff training.
What type of support do you provide after my equipment is installed?
We are the only company in this industry to have an established service network and offices on the East and West Coasts (Headquartered in Chicago, IL). Besides providing you with 24/7 technical support, we can also virtually log in to your system, allowing us to diagnose any technical issue as if we were onsite. The monthly software/ hardware/ warrantee comes at a low monthly rate to ensure that your system is working at all times. If its not 100% working, your monthly rate is adjusted accordingly. We have a vested interest in it working 100% of the time.

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