The Future of Beverage Service: Self-Pour Technology Finds a Home in New Markets

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PourMyBeer self-serve system in San Francisco

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The Future of Beverage Service

The hospitality industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years, with technology playing an increasingly important role in transforming how people experience food and beverage service. Self-pour beverage technology emerged as a game-changing innovation for operators of all venue types and sizes, providing customers with more control over their beverage experience and giving operators a more efficient way to serve patrons. 

One of the top advantages of self-pour technology is that it enables venues to serve more customers with fewer staff members. By allowing customers to pour their own drinks, self-pour establishments significantly reduce the need for additional staff members while freeing up existing staff to focus on other aspects of the business. Self-pour venues can operate successfully with only one staff member monitoring the wall. This reduction in staffing needs leads to lower labor costs and increased profits for operators.

Since its inception in 2015, PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology has been popular among bars, breweries, and restaurants. However, as the industry adapts to the advancement of technology, self-pour technology has found a home in new markets such as hotels, golf courses, country clubs, apartments, and more! These venues have discovered that self-pour technology enables them to serve more customers while maintaining high-quality service and reducing overhead costs. For example, Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites Boston Seaport, a limited-service hotel in Boston, achieved profitability within just 3 months of operating with a 6-tap self-pour station in the lobby. The Seabrook Island Club, a private oceanfront community and club in South Carolina, generated $24K and 700+ users in the first 3 months of operating with a 12-tap fixed wall and 8-tap self-pour station. These success stories demonstrate the power of self-pour technology in helping venues maximize profits and efficiency.

What is Self-Pour Technology & How Does it Work?

Self-pour technology is a revolutionary solution that allows customers to pour their own drinks with a simple tap of a wristband or card. The technology uses RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology to track the amount of liquid poured and charge the customer accordingly. This ensures customers only pay for what they pour, and operators can accurately track inventory and sales while reducing product waste. To learn how the self-pour process works, check out the video below!

PourMyBeer offers fixed walls and self-pour stations to meet the needs of any venue. Fixed walls are perfect for larger venues that want to optimize their space by integrating self-pour into a wall instead of a traditional bulky bar. Self-pour stations provide a flexible beverage solution in empty areas of venues (like lobbies or entryways) without any construction. Venues can also use them for events to suit their changing needs. Whatever the setup, self-pour technology enables establishments to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce labor costs.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into PourMyBeer’s expansion into new markets, the benefits it offers customers and operators alike, and how self-pour beverage technology has become a must-have for venues of all kinds.


For bar and restaurant operators, self-pour technology has been a no-brainer for years. Thanks to its ability to increase the speed of service while reducing staffing needs, operators have found it necessary to develop a successful beverage program.


  • Increased Serving Efficiency: Self-pour technology reduces customer wait times and eliminates the need for servers to pour drinks, allowing bars and restaurants to serve more customers in less time, which translates to increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Self-pour technology allows bars and restaurants to operate with fewer staff members, freeing up existing staff to focus on other aspects of the business and decreasing labor costs.
  • Improved Inventory Control: PourMyBeer’s self-pour system tracks every ounce of liquid poured and charges the customer accordingly, ensuring that customers only pay for what they pour. This helps operators accurately track inventory and sales while reducing product waste. Operators also have access to consumption data to make smarter decisions about what to serve from the system based on customer preferences.
  • Personalized Customer Experience: Self-pour technology allows customers to choose their own drinks and pour as much or as little as they like, which enhances the overall customer experience and encourages customers to return.
  • Increased Revenue: By offering a unique and interactive experience, self-pour technology can attract new customers and increase sales. It also encourages customers to try new drinks, which can lead to more purchases.

Stanley Beer Hall, in Aurora, Colorado, features a 51-tap self-pour wall, a popular attraction for customers since it opened in 2016. Similarly, Hoppin’, in Charlotte, North Carolina, has a 62-tap self-pour beverage wall, which has helped increase beverage sales and customer satisfaction.

PourMyBeer Wall at Stanley Beer Hall

Stanley Beer Hall

PourMyBeer Wall at Hoppin'

Hoppin' Charlotte

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Golf courses and country clubs have traditionally offered a full-service bar experience to members and guests. However, with the increasing demand for personalized member experiences and the need to reduce labor costs, self-pour technology has emerged as a perfect solution. 


  • Customizable, Social Experience: Self-pour technology allows golf courses and country clubs to offer a unique and customizable experience for members and guests. They can provide a variety of beer, wine, and other beverages for patrons to enjoy, allowing them to pour the exact amount they want.
  • Reduced Staffing Needs: With self-pour technology, golf courses and country clubs can significantly reduce staffing challenges and scheduling issues. Members and guests can pour their own drinks, which eliminates the need for additional staff. 
  • Increased Revenue: By offering a self-pour option, golf courses and country clubs can increase their revenue potential by serving more patrons in less time. They can also track the amount of liquid poured and charge customers accordingly, ensuring accurate billing and reducing product waste.
  • Flexibility: Self-pour technology offers flexibility in terms of placement and installation. Golf courses and country clubs can choose from fixed walls or self-pour stations depending on their specific needs and available space. Self-pour stations can be placed in lobbies, entryways, or outdoor areas without construction, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.
  • Enhanced Member Experience: Offering self-pour technology provides members and guests with a unique, hands-on beverage program they may not get elsewhere. It creates a more engaging and interactive experience, making golf courses and country clubs a destination for not only golf but also social events.

Seabrook Island Club, a private oceanfront community and club, faced a challenge when trying to offer a unique, interactive experience to members. Finding sufficient staff to operate the club’s amenities proved to be difficult. To overcome this hurdle, Seabrook Island Club turned to self-pour technology and installed a 12-tap fixed wall outside and an 8-tap self-pour station inside. Now, Seabrook Island Club has a reliable beverage program that can operate 24/7/365!


Hotels are also hopping on board the self-pour trend, with major brands across the US, such as Hilton and Hyatt Regency, implementing self-pour stations to increase guest satisfaction and revenue per available room without taking on additional staff.


  • Improved Profitability by Keeping Guests On-Premises Longer: Self-pour technology can keep guests on-premises longer as they don’t have to leave the hotel to find a bar or restaurant. This leads to increased revenue per available room, as guests will spend more time and money on-site. Self-pour stations offer guests the convenience and flexibility to enjoy a drink when and where they want, without waiting in line.
  • Increased Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty: Self-pour stations provide guests with a unique and fun experience, offering the opportunity to sample new and different beverages. Guests appreciate the convenience of being able to pour their own drinks and the social experience of being able to interact with other guests.
  • Easy Activation by Front Desk Staff with Card-Based System: Hotel front desk staff can easily manage and monitor the self-pour stations, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Guests can use their room key or a pre-paid card to access the self-pour stations, making the process seamless and user-friendly.

Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites Boston Seaport, a limited-service, limited-staff hotel, wanted a beverage program for guests but did not want to operate a traditional bar due to staffing challenges. They turned to self-pour as a solution. By offering a 6-tap self-pour station in the hotel lobby, front desk staff can explain how the system works and easily activate pour cards, allowing guests to start pouring local draft beer within minutes. Staff can monitor guest consumption and reactivate guests’ pour cards after they reach the drink limit. Aside from the increased sales, they have improved guest satisfaction and achieved profitability after just three months in operation!

Apartments & Communities

Apartment communities and residential complexes have started offering self-pour to residents in communal lounge areas as a unique amenity. However, self-pour technology can also be a valuable addition to your leasing office. With self-pour stations on display, potential residents can experience the unique and fun aspects of self-pour technology firsthand during tours, adding a memorable touch to the leasing process, increasing the chances of closing the deal, and attracting new residents to the community.


  • Increased Resident Satisfaction: Self-pour technology creates a unique experience for residents, giving them a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite beverages while socializing with neighbors and fostering a sense of community.
  • Customization and Variety: Self-pour stations allow for many beverage options, allowing residents to explore and try new drinks like cold brew, kombucha, wine, beer, cocktails, and more, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Tenant Retention & Building Differentiation: By providing a unique and convenient experience for residents, self-pour technology can help to improve tenant satisfaction and retention rates because they are more likely to renew their leases and recommend the community to others. Self-pour stations can differentiate your building from competitors and provide a compelling reason for residents to stay!

NEMA, an apartment complex in Chicago, IL, offers a 2-tap self-pour system for tenants. With two kinds of cold brew on tap, residents can come to the lounge, scan their credit cards, and pour a coffee without leaving the building!

NEMA Chicago PourMyBeer Self-Pour Setup


Casinos are a popular destination for entertainment and gambling enthusiasts. With their ringing slot machines and high-stakes card games, casinos offer a unique and exciting experience. Many casinos also feature restaurants, bars, and live entertainment, making them a one-stop destination for a night out. However, the casino industry is constantly evolving to meet customer demands, and one recent development has been the adoption of self-pour technology. 


  • Stand Out From Others in the Market: By offering self-pour technology, casinos can differentiate themselves from competitors in the market. With high-tech amenities becoming increasingly popular, casinos that adopt self-pour technology can position themselves as trendy and cool, attracting more guests and keeping them coming back.
  • Reduced Staffing Challenges: With self-pour technology, guests can approach the wall and pour their own drinks as needed, eliminating the need for a dedicated bartender or server. This will reduce staffing challenges and costs for the casino while allowing existing staff members to focus on other tasks.
  • Increased Time & Money Guests Spend on Machines: Self-pour technology gives guests the ability to pour their own drinks quickly and easily without waiting for a bartender to make their way over. This means they can get back to their favorite slot machines or table games faster, ultimately spending more time in the casino.

Coyote Valley Casino is the largest self-pour taproom in the country, boasting 101 taps that offer a wide variety of beers and wines. The self-pour technology at Coyote Valley Casino has been a major attraction for guests, drawing in people from all over to experience the innovative and modern approach to drinking. The taproom has helped their casino stand out, offering a unique and exciting experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

Venues & Amusement Parks

How often have you been at a concert or sports game and wanted to grab another drink but didn’t want to miss a second of the fun waiting in line? It’s a common pain point for most customers. Self-pour technology offers a solution for venues and amusement parks focusing on increasing the speed of service and overall guest satisfaction.


  • Serve More Guests Simultaneously: Guests don’t have to be frustrated while waiting in line for 30+ minutes for a drink. They can now serve themselves simultaneously, which speeds up serving efficiency and leads to increased consumption.
  • Increase Guest Satisfaction: With reduced wait times and ease of access to beverages, guests will enjoy their time at your venue or park and stay longer to enjoy more of the fun!
  • Bring in a New Revenue Stream: Self-pour technology creates a new revenue stream for venues and amusement parks by enabling guests to serve themselves and consume more beverages during their visit, resulting in increased sales and profits for your venue or park!

Dreamland Dripping Springs, the largest self-pour pickleball venue in the US, implemented a 90-tap self-pour beverage wall with great success. Players can easily fill up their cups in under a minute, allowing them to get back to the court without any interruptions. 

Military Bases

Military bases worldwide are seeing the value in offering self-pour beer, wine, cocktails, or even cold brew and kombucha to their service members. Whether it’s a self-pour station for a navy base or a fixed self-serve bar for an Air Force base, it’s a guaranteed winner. Because of the ability to pour exactly as much as they want and pay by the ounce, service members love self-pour!


  • Offer a Unique Amenity for Service Members: Self-pour technology is a unique amenity that can enhance the overall experience for service members stationed at military bases. It provides them with a fun and interactive way to enjoy their favorite beverages. This can be a great way to boost morale and provide a break from the daily routine.
  • Increase Efficiency: Self-pour technology can help increase efficiency at military bases by reducing the time and personnel needed to serve beverages. Service members can tap their RFID-enabled wristbands or cards at the self-pour station, and the system will automatically pour the correct amount of the selected beverage.
  • Improve Inventory Management: With self-pour technology, military bases can better manage their inventory of beverages. The system can track how much of each beverage is poured, which can help managers make informed decisions about ordering and stocking supplies. It also helps prevent overpouring and waste, as the system will only pour the selected amount.

At Scott Air Force Base, service members can pour their own perfect pint of draft beer thanks to their 6-tap self-pour station. Gone are the days of waiting in line for a bartender or server to pour their drink. With self-pour, service members can quickly and easily get the drink they want, when they want it, without leaving the comfort of their own base. Plus, with the ability to pour just a small amount, they can try out different beers without committing to a full glass!

RV Parks & Resorts

RV parks and campgrounds have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for the flexibility and adventure of traveling with an RV. Many RV park visitors enjoy relaxing with a draft beverage, whether it’s a cold beer or a refreshing soda. With self-pour technology, RV park guests can enjoy a convenient and customizable experience, selecting their favorite beverage and pouring just the right amount. This allows them to savor their drink at their own pace and fully immerse themselves in the RV park lifestyle.

Resorts are a destination for travelers looking for more luxurious and personalized experiences. Resort guests often expect unique and memorable experiences going beyond what they can find in their daily lives. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, a pampering spa treatment, or a fun beverage experience, resorts strive to provide guests with experiences that they will never forget.


  • Give Guests a Memorable Experience: Self-pour technology is a unique and exciting experience for guests at RV parks and resorts. It allows guests to interact with the technology, pour their own drinks, and customize their beverages to their liking. This hands-on experience creates a memorable and enjoyable activity for guests, enhancing their overall experience and making their stay more memorable.
  • Maximize Profitability: Self-pour technology helps RV parks and resorts maximize profitability by reducing labor costs and minimizing waste. Additionally, the system tracks every ounce poured. This efficient and cost-effective technology can ultimately increase revenue for RV parks and resorts.
  • Increase Guest Satisfaction: Self-pour technology can improve guest satisfaction by providing a more convenient and customizable experience. Guests can easily refill their drinks without waiting for a server, and the technology allows them to customize their beverages with various options and pour sizes. This convenience and customization can lead to happier and more satisfied guests, ultimately leading to positive reviews and increased business for RV parks and resorts.

The Rathbone Taproom at Keystone Adventure Center in Colorado offers a unique self-pour experience for skiers. The resort features a 20-tap self-pour beverage wall for skiers to use aprés ski! After skiing down the mountains, guests can use RFID-enabled wristbands to pour from the self-pour system. This setup allows guests to enjoy their favorite drinks on-demand and eliminates the need to wait in long lines for a bartender. 

Keystone Adventure Center PourMyBeer Wall
Keystone Adventure Center PourMyBeer Wall

Are You Ready to Bring Self-Pour to Your Venue?

Self-pour technology is a game-changer for the food and beverage industry. It offers a variety of benefits to all venues. By implementing PourMyBeer, businesses can reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, increase profitability, and enhance the guest experience. To learn more about how different business models have utilized PourMyBeer, read our case studies here. We have numerous case studies available on our website that showcase the success stories of businesses that have implemented self-pour technology.

If you’re ready to take the next step and see how self-pour can benefit your business, request a quote from our team. Our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started with self-pour technology. Don’t wait! Request a quote today and see how self-pour can transform your business!

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