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The beer dispensing equipment industry is growing at an exponential rate as it tries to keep pace with the ever-growing consumer demand in the past couple of decades for more and more beer flavors and styles. When your customers want beer and all your competitors offer similar flavors, how can you set yourself apart? The answer is simple: give them a unique drinking — and pouring — experience.

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Meeting Consumer Demand

Your customers want beer. Local, fresh beer. That consumer demand has meant that getting a beer at the traditional bar setting has become more and more difficult as crafting the right beer in the right glass takes time. Not to mention some of these beers come at a premium price now despite the drive for local beer, as that is obviously what keeps the beer fresh. Automated beer dispensing has been more trendy as of late and that passion is what has driven the team at to come up with our own self-serve automatic beer dispenser, the draft beer tables, and beer walls. Customers can serve themselves and forget about that wait we described earlier in doing so. You’ll move your establishment away from the traditional bar setting, and you’ll give them something innovative to talk about with their friends. Social media and word-of-mouth surrounding your automatic beer dispenser could attract more new customers than you ever thought possible! Our innovation brings beer dispensing to a new height in both the consumer and the retail owners’ eyes as they both equally benefit. This means that investing in a automatic beer dispenser does not offer risk anymore, but rather fast reward and a quick return on investment for the business. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers — and a great way to stand out from your competition.

In most cases, retail owners are returning in under 12 weeks on their mobile beer table investment and generally less than 20 weeks on their mobile beer wall units.

This kind of ROI on beer dispensing equipment is excellent news for retail owners. It means that not only does their investment pay off in raw beer dollar profit return but there are many other ‘soft’ returns that they realize with our automatic beer dispensers. A few of them are:
  • Social media – FB check ins at the bar beer dispenser; tweets, photos, customer likes, voting buttons on FB to get customers to choose weekly beer selections, etc.
  • Local media – Numerous local TV stations, radio interviews, newspapers and magazines do articles on the latest and coolest beer dispensing equipment to hit the area.
Put yourself at the head of the pack with an innovative automatic beer dispenser that will liven up your customer’s experience. What better way to freshen up your establishment and give your customers fresh beer at the same time?
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