Self-Serve Beer System Purchases

When buying a self-serve beer system it’s important to understand what purchasing options are available to you the customer.

See how it works has a company that it works with that can offer traditional financing of mobile units (wine walls, beer walls and tables), or we are happy to work through a reputable finance company of your choice if our current payment method will not work for your current cash flow situation.

For large scale purchases like National Account Chains, Large Regional Account Chains, Cruise Lines, Hotel Groups or Grocery Stores, we understand that – though you see the value in having our systems in multiple outlets – cap ex approval is always difficult. We have solved that for you too.

What we can do so that you can have a self-serve beer system at all your locations without capital outlay is introduce you to our financial barter company with whom we have partnered: 

They can accept gift cards at a 2:1 ratio of goods cost so that you have no capital outlay and you are essentially funding your systems with futures. With traditional breakage on gift cards and overspend on those coming through the doors you will have a fully self-liquidating proposition on your hands. This does not even take into consideration that savings on waste and giveaway, staffing, unique traffic (gift card recipients) & repeat visitors.

Self-serve beer and wine systems are the future, and being able to do that with minimal capital risk is unique to Give us a call when you have a moment to discuss how this works. The service is reserved for purchases of $80K or greater, so feel free to call us for more detail.

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