Commercial Draft Beer Systems

Whether it’s a sports bar, an upscale eatery or a special event, PourMyBeer’s commercial draft beer systems are the ideal choice for any venue where alcohol is sold. Customers love the novelty and convenience of pouring their own drinks, while businesses benefit from increased profits and a unique marketing opportunity. In short, our commercial beer tap systems are a win-win proposition for any business!

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How It Works

PourMyBeer commercial beer tap systems are safe and easy to use in any application. Here’s how they work:
  • Customers have their ID verified by a staff member and either run a tab on a credit card or pre-pay a given amount. They are then issued an RFID card linked to their bill.
  • When a customer wants a drink, they simply place their card on the tap and pour their own. The system measures how much they pour and records the charge on their card.
  • To manage risk, the customer is required to check in with a staff member after every two drinks and ensure they are consuming responsibly.
  • At the end of the night, all the customer has to do is return their RFID card — no bills to settle or change to make.

Why It’s Great

A commercial draft beer system from PourMyBeer offers several advantages for busy bar or restaurant owners and their patrons:
  • Your staff will spend less time pouring drinks, dealing with bills and other nuisance work. They can spend more time providing an enjoyable experience for all guests instead.
  • Customers love pouring their own beer, as well as the convenience of not having to wait in line or pay with cash.
  • Owners enjoy increased profits by monitoring and monetizing every drop of beer. Our research has shown that, in a typical bar, adding a commercial beer tap system reduces waste and giveaway by as much as 23%.
PourMyBeer systems are a great addition to any commercial enterprise where beer is sold. Ready to get started? Contact our team to learn more about our products and request a quote for a commercial beer tap system for your establishment.
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