Self-pour University

Have you ever dreamed of owning a bar?

Maybe you’ve been to outstanding bars and restaurants in the past and you wish to replicate their service, offerings, and atmosphere. Or perhaps your dismal experiences have led you to think, “I could do better than this, and I’d love the challenge!”

People and partners open bars around the world all the time. Your best bet for making sure your eatery thrives is to get all the information you can on how to open a bar before diving right in. To help you understand everything from training your restaurant staff to gathering marketing ideas for your bar, we’ve developed this “How to Open a Bar” game plan.

This is where we show you how to take your self-pour idea from “idea” to a solid action plan to reality, in a direct a line if possible. Over the years PourMyBeer has helped hundreds of people go through this process to create profitable businesses, bringing their dreams and creativity to fruition. We have distilled this knowledge, bringing it together in one place for you to access easily and act upon.

As a market leader, we feel the need to equip you with the right resources to kick things off right and that is why we have gone ahead and created this university for you.

You’re here either because you visited a self-pour taproom and you saw the self-pour magic in person. Or you’ve heard about it, and you’re contemplating opening up your own self-pour taproom. 

Opening up a taproom isn’t for everyone, but lucky for you, opening a self-pour taproom is for EVERYONE. While we do have customers with backgrounds in hospitality, we also want to point out, the bulk of our customers come from non-hospitality backgrounds. A few of those previous professions that our operators come from are: Network Engineering, Digital Advertising, Real Estate, Law, Construction, Pro-Golfer, Education, Healthcare, and many more! The reason we want to celebrate this is because we’ve proven that ANYONE can open a self-pour taproom. The success rate with self-pour taprooms vs. traditional taprooms for people with no hospitality experience is inspiring. We’ve taken our knowledge gained from helping over 300 people, like you, open up their own self-pour taprooms and put it all in one place, which we call Self-Pour University

We’ve proven through our actions and track record that we don’t just want to sell our technology to you. We want to arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to turn this from an idea to a successful business of your own. Don’t sit back and wonder what if? Talk with us and ask how! The time is now. 

Checklist for Opening A Self-Pour Venue

Before we get started, download the checklist below. It will help keep you organized throughout the process, and you can check steps off as we go!